Mission + Goals

Explore. Create. Contribute.

Our mission is to educate socially responsible leaders in the fields of art who explore and create significant ideas. These globally-engaged citizens help shape society, inspire future generations, and share the value of the arts as an essential part of life.

  • We welcome ambitious and motivated students, and foster their curiosity and freedom to experiment along their creative and intellectual paths.
  • We offer diverse opportunities to experience, learn, and create within a rigorous and supportive environment that prepares students for successful professional lives.
  • We are an internationally-recognized teaching institution that balances a high level of research with intense and relevant student/faculty engagement, including interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and international experiences.
  • We provide high-quality facilities including current technology, and rich, original collections in our Art Museum and galleries that complement our four degree programs.
  • We are a community — engaging our division, the university and beyond with inclusive and innovative programs and creative research.
  • We offer a unique set of programs that study the arts from varying perspectives, balancing the traditional with contemporary ways of making and understanding.
  • We are a Department of Art within the context of a liberal arts institution, giving our students life-long skills of communication, writing, and critical thinking, to prepare them for success in college and beyond.

Painting Student