Photography Minor

A digital photography student uses software to edit an image on a computer
A professor, seated at a laptop computer, gestures to a photo held by a student while another student works on a laptop nearby.

At Miami, Photography minors can:

  • Learn to operate a film camera, chemically process film and make traditional B&W prints.
  • Operate a digital camera, manage digital work flow and manipulate digital imagery.
  • Compose and design subject matter within the photographic frame to communicate effectively.
  • Explore ideas and express concepts visually through the photographic medium.
  • Contextualize their creative process and images by studying photographic history and contemporary photographic practice.


The minor in Photography allows students to have an in-depth, comprehensive education in traditional black-and-white and digital image making processes. In this sequence of studio courses, students will learn about the technical, aesthetic, historical, and conceptual aspects of creative photography through practice, discussion, and critiques.


Contact Jon Yamashiro.

Program Requirements

18 credit hours total

Take each of the following six courses:
ART 255 Introduction to Digital Imaging (3)
ART 257 Photography 1 (3)
ART 357 Photography 2 (3)
ART 358 Photography 3 (3)
ART 457 Photography 4 (3)
ART 458 Photography 5 (3)

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