A lobby seating area in the Art Building. A chalkboard with doodles and slogans is visible.
 Paintbrushes lay across a smeared canvas
 Prints are pinned to an Art Building bulletin board. Students work and walk in the hallway.
Artwork hung on a wall as part of the Foundations critique
 Art Building lockers, decorated with slogans and colorful paint
 A visiting lecturer gestures to a PowerPoint slide about letterforms

Looking forward to seeing your work!

Admission to Department of Art studio programs is predicated upon a talent-based selection process which employs a portfolio review in addition to the academic requirements stipulated by the University. These talent-based processes form the foundation for admission recommendations which are forwarded from the Department to the appropriate University admission offices. Please see the links for more detailed information about the process.

  • Portfolio evaluations apply only to those individuals who have submitted a formal application for admission to Miami University with a declared major in Art.
  • Be advised that the Office of Admission is responsible for determining acceptance to the University. The results of the Department of Art's portfolio evaluation are forwarded to the Admission Office and serve an integral part in determining acceptance as an Art major.
  • Our Communication Design program requires a second-tier portfolio review for admission. Please see Undergraduate Admission for more information regarding this review. 
  • Admission to the BA in Art and Architecture History program does not require a portfolio review.

If you have any questions about admissions please contact us at We are happy to assist you!