Hiestand Galleries

A view of Hiestand Galleries showing multimedia exhibits and a wall covered with snapshot sized photos

Considered visual laboratories, the programs of Hiestand Galleries exhibit artworks that highlight timely, enlightening, and challenging exhibitions that consider the ever-changing world of contemporary visual expression. With over twenty exhibitions per year, the galleries feature artworks by national and international artists and designers, as well as work by undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Art. Two national competitions in painting and sculpture bring the latest trends in the 21st century to the forefront. A vital Visiting Artist and Scholars program aligns with the exhibition programs, and connects students to the professional artist and critics in this capacities, including studio visits, lectures, and off-campus events. Exhibition opportunities are available in three galleries in Hiestand Hall and in the Art Building Lobby.

Location: Hiestand Hall, off main lobby.

Ann Taulbee, Director

Gallery Hours

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Other hours available by appointment (513-529-1883)

Galleries Closed

During exhibition installation and Sep 2, Oct 11, Nov 27-29, and Dec 12-31, 2019

Receptions and Lectures

All receptions are in the lobby of Hiestand Galleries, Hiestand Hall, 401 Maple Street, Oxford, Ohio.
All lectures are in ART 100, unless noted otherwise

Current Season