Advanced Facilities

3D technology glasses on a table
 a student wearing glasses and using the cave
A student stands in the CAVE. Patterns of light are on the walls.
 gaming controller on a table. Students in background.
  a student using the crux computer

ETBD believes in making all of our resources, including our spaces, as available and as inclusive as possible for all students. Our cutting-edge technology runs the gamut from computer labs with 3D printers to rapid prototyping facilities to virtual reality equipment. While this equipment is not rare in academia, we are unique in that all of our undergraduate students have the option to get training and access to it.

Our spaces are as diverse as our faculty and students. Spaces are intentionally spread across campus, forcing our students to “rub shoulders” with students outside of ETBD in order to gain their perspective on the technology.

ETBD students have done some amazing work using this equipment. They’ve built hospital simulations to help nurses improve their evacuation of neonatal facilities. They have worked with faculty to build geo-tracking devices that enable augmented and virtual reality to exist outside of a laboratory. They have designed and tested cutting-edge augmented reality applications. They have even built custom game controllers to help children with autism.

Beyond cutting-edge technology, we also provide more traditional tools to ETBD students free of charge. Students can borrow SLR cameras, Android tablets, iPads, Android phones, iPhones and other contemporary technology for use in building and testing their work.

We also provide one of the most powerful tools for creative work: caffeine. Our student lounge includes a cappuccino machine along with other snacks that we keep stocked throughout the school year.