Digital Innovation Minor

This minor is completed by participating in the Digital Innovation program in San Francisco or Cincinnati. Students intern at some of the most dynamic and fastest growing startups in the world four days a week. One day each week, they get behind-the-scenes tours and once in a lifetime one-on-one coaching from top executives from startups, accelerators and venture funding. Additionally, students attend networking opportunities and help support the thriving startup culture in the cities they are placed.

Admission to the minor is contingent on acceptance to the Digital Innovation Program. Students will not be added to the minor for any reason prior to acceptance to the program.

Admission Requirements

IMPORTANT: If you began your first year at Miami before August 2019, your DAR will reflect the older version of the degree. You should follow your DAR, in consultation with your advisor. If you want to use these new requirements (on this page) instead, talk to your advisor about shifting your DAR to the new degree program.

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Curriculum (18 credit hours)

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

On Campus

IMS 278 Digital Innovation Workshop Preparation (1 credit hour)

Take two of the following courses:

ESP 201 Intro: Entrepreneurship/Business Models

IMS 418 Social Media Marketing

IMS 419 Digital Branding

IMS 421 Product Management

CSE 383 Web Application Programming

On Site

IMS 340 Internship (6-8 credit hours)

IMS 396 Inside the Startup Environment -OR- IMS 397 Inside the Startup Environment (SF)

IMS 398 Startup Networking (1 credit hour)

IMS 440 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (4 credit hours)