ETBD Minor

Entrance Requirements

  • 3.0 overall GPA

There are a limited number of slots for existing students; acceptance into the minor is competitive and based on a number of criteria beyond GPA.

Admission Requirements

IMPORTANT: If you began your first year at Miami before August 2019, your DAR will reflect the older version of the degree. You should follow your DAR, in consultation with your advisor. If you want to use these new requirements (on this page) instead, talk to your advisor about shifting your DAR to the new degree program.

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Curriculum (18 credit hours)

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.


(3 hours)

IMS 259 Art & Digital Tools I

Business / Communication

(3 hours)

IMS 413 User Experience Research


(6 hours)

IMS 222 Introduction to Interaction Design and Development (MPF V - Math/Tech)

IMS 322 Intermediate Interaction Design and Development

Expertise Courses

(6 hours)

Students may choose a set of 2 IMS courses that help build a set of skills / body of knowledge in a particular area.

PLEASE NOTE: new courses are offered on a regular basis. Please see the General Bulletin for complete listing.

IMS Courses

IMS 201 Information Studies & Digital Citizenship
IMS 203
Digital Humanities
IMS 211
Introduction to Game Studies
IMS 212 Introduction to Game Design
IMS 213 Introduction to Game Development
IMS 253 Building & Designing Interactive Devices
IMS 254 Design Thinking & Design Principles Applied
IMS 261 Information and Data Visualization
IMS 278 Digital Innovation Workshop Preparation
IMS 285 Inside the GDC
IMS 314 Game Usability & Human Factors
IMS 319 Foundations in 3D Modeling & Animation
IMS 322 Intermediate Interaction Design & Development
IMS 333 Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship
IMS 340 Internship
IMS 351 Introduction to Mobile App Development
IMS 354 Intermediate Interaction Design Principles
IMS 382 The Business of Games
IMS 384 The Rhetoric of Games

IMS 390 Special Topics
IMS 391 3D Character Animation
IMS 396 Inside the Startup Environment
IMS 397 Inside the Startup Environment (SF)
IMS 398 Startup Networking
IMS 415 Advanced Usability & User Experience
IMS 418 Social Media Marketing 
IMS 421 Product Management
IMS 422 Advanced Web Development
IMS 443 Research Methods in Games
IMS 445 Advanced Game Design
IMS 452 Senior Degree Project
IMS 453 Indie Game Development I
IMS 454 Indie Game Development II
IMS 461 Virtual Reality
IMS 465 Game Engine Scripting
IMS 487 Game Prototyping, Pipeline & Production
IMS 488 Games Pre-production
IMS 489 Game Production
IMS 490 Advanced Topics in IMS

Cross-Listed Courses

ENG/IMS 171 Humanities & Technology
 3D Sculpting
ART/IMS 218 3D Shading & Texturing
MUS/IMS 221 Music Technologies
ENG/IMS 224 Digital Writing & Rhetoric
EDP/IMS 225 Games & Learning
ENG/IMS 238 Narrative & Digital Games
ART/IMS 259 Art and Digital Tools I
MUS/IMS 304 Electronic Music
ART/IMS 305 3D Character Design
MUS/IMS 306 Advanced Electronic Music

IMS/ENG 317 Writing for Games
ENG/IMS 324 Ethics & Digital Media
MUS/IMS 381 Music for Games
STA/IMS 404 Advanced Data Visualization
ARC/IMS 404.Y Mind & Medium
ENG/IMS 407 Interactive Business Communication
ENG/IMS 411 Visual Rhetoric
ENG/IMS 416 Writing for Global Audiences
MKT/IMS 419 Digital Branding
ENG/IMS 424 Ethics & Digital Media
ENG/IMS 426 Developing & Publishing Digital Books