Games + Simulation Minor

The Games + Simulation Minor is an interdisciplinary approach to game design, development, and art. Students are exposed to game theory and production, and can gain additional experience in specialty areas such as 3D Art and Animation, Writing for Games, or Game Development.

There are a limited number of slots for existing students; acceptance into the minor is competitive and based on a number of criteria.

Admission Requirements

IMPORTANT: If you began your first year at Miami before August 2019, your DAR will reflect the older version of the degree. You should follow your DAR, in consultation with your advisor. If you want to use these new requirements (on this page) instead, talk to your advisor about shifting your DAR to the new degree program.

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Curriculum (19 credit hours)

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.


(7 hours)

IMS 111 Introduction to Game Careers (1 credit hour)

IMS 211 Introduction to Game Studies (MFP IIB)

IMS 212 Introduction to Game Design


(12 hours)

Complete any four of the following:

IMS 213 Introduction to Game Development

IMS 225 Games & Learning

IMS 317 Writing for Games (requires ENG 111)

CSE 251 Introduction to Game Programming*

IMS/ART 215 3D Digital Sculpting

IMS 319 Foundations in 3D Design

IMS 453 Indie Game Development (requires IMS 211, 212, and 213 or CSE 251)

IMS 454 Indie Game Development II (requires IMS 453)

*Note: Computer Science / Software Engineering majors cannot take CSE 251 due to CSE restrictions