Game Developers Conference (GDC)

Letters GDC superimposed over a crowd at the event

GDC is one of the premiere professional interactive media experiences we can provide ETBD students. Each year, Miami University students are invited to participate in the Game Developer’s Conference mini course. Students receive credit hours to prepare for and then attend the Game Developers Conference, a huge yearly event in San Francisco with tens of thousands of attendees.

Students typically love their experience at GDC as it is both eye-opening and invigorating. The conference is a high energy event, filled with game design and development celebrities, presentations, workshops, tutorials, career expo and fantastic opportunities to network with people in all the facets of gaming—from developers to journalists, artists to academics. The event is organized around thematic summits for the first days and the main conference.

Students who attend the mini course are required to join a pre-event meeting, prepare appropriate materials for the event, and attend the event. They will receive free lodging, but airfares and passes are to be bought by the students themselves. (We recommend buying a pass in the Fall, as great price/value options such as the Indie Pass tend to sell out quickly.) Participating students present and write about the experience once they return.

For more information about the GDC course, please visit our GDC FAQ page.