3D Printing and Laser Cutting

A yellow glowing lamp over a laser printed vaulted box
A closeup view of the laser printed vaulted box, showing decorative etching
Vaulted box with lid slightly open
A curving 3D lampshade
A laser cut smartphone holder


Decorated pot in earthtones
A student seated at a table shapes a pot
In foreground, a colorful patterned plate. Other pieces in background.
Assorted ceramics projects rest on a rack
Two rope jars on a table
Yellow beehive shaped pot with lid off
Yellow beehive-shaped pot with lid
Brown glazed pot
Striped green box, lid off
Striped green box, lid on
An artist shapes a whimsical animal on the pottery wheel
A stylized greenware piece on a rack
A shaped vase with tendrils
Green glazed pitcher
Student and instructor use tools to carve a project on the pottery wheel

Digital Design

Students and teacher work in the digital design classroom
A student works at a computer on a digital design project.
A digital design project in early stages, showing an etched design
A view of a digital design project being printed
A closeup view of a laser printed project

Glass Beading

A closeup of a fiery torch used in beadmaking
Two smiling students work with torches to create beads
Student focuses on bead, surrounded by materials
A student smiles as she works the bead and torch


A rectangular metal pendant
A circular metal pendant
Green metallic jewelry by Ginger Seiple
An assortment of metal jewelry
Metal bangle bracelet by Ginger Seiple
In front of a small mirror, a student balances a green stone on her ring finger


Closeup of a sewing machine, as students work in background
Sewing teacher and students
Closeup of a student sewing with machine
Sewing teacher assists student with a project