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Spring 2023 Exhibitions



Current Forms: Ohio Figurative Ceramics 
Douglass and McKie Galleries 

A survey of figurative ceramics from artists with Ohio connections, this exhibition is co-curated with Richard W. James, Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Miami University and Kourtney Stone, Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Indiana University, Bloomington. Current Forms is developed in conjunction with the March 16-20, 2023, NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) conference in Cincinnati. Supported by a grant from the Ohio Art Council.



Experiencing the Divine: Devotional Practices of Islam, Judaism and Christianity 
Farmer Gallery 

Under the guidance of Andrew Casper, Associate Professor of Art & Architecture History, students in the fall 2022 Art History Capstone class, engaged with the Art Museum to curate an exhibition about devotional practices in the Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Judaism, Christianity). Experiencing the Divine is organized within the contexts of “The Question of Images,” “Tangible Devotion,” and “Sacred Spaces.” With program support from the Department of Art at Miami University.




Art History at a Glance (Goodyear Gallery)
A glimpse into the evolution of Western art from the 15th to 20th centuries. Selected works from the Art Museum’s collection represent prominent art movements with examples of Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop Art, and Contemporary works. Art movements exist through multiple conversations relevant to their respective cultures and times. Some of the most significant movements were founded through artists’ reacting to societal changes, religion, science and technology, war and politics, their rejection or appropriation of previous art styles, and taste established by patrons or prominent art schools.

Global Perspectives (Webster Gallery)
Global Perspectives weaves together nearly 5,000 years of cultural, religious, political, social, economic and communication systems from seventeen world cultures. From diverse regions, nations, and time periods, these cultures comprise only a fraction of a larger, complex world united by core practices used in the creation of or adoption of art and material culture. Whether original to a culture or assimilated during times of conquest, the creative endeavors explored by people around the world speaks volumes about the fundamental need to express individual and collective identities.

Charles M. Messer Leica Camera Collection
(Goodyear Gallery Niche)
Between 1970 and 1978, Charles M. Messer of Cincinnati's Messer Construction Company donated his personal collection of German produced Leica brand cameras. Totaling more than 1,200 pieces, this is the largest privately assembled collection of Leica cameras, accessories and literature in the US. A small sample of the collection is displayed highlighting innovations in photographic technology from the mid-1920s through the late 1970s.

Sculpture Park (Art Museum Grounds)
The Art Museum’s collection of public sculpture evokes many of the movements in art that characterized the 20th century, and examples of geometry, materials, and expressionism are found in all the pieces located on over three acres of scenic Sculpture Park grounds. Key works include Star-Crossed by Nancy Holt (1979), Hybrid Construction by RIchard Hunt (1983), For Kepler by Mark di Suvero (1995), and A Tribe Named Miami, A Surveyor’s Stake, A Town Named Oxford by Eugene Brown (2008). The Sculpture Park is open to all, and can be experienced all year round. As well as being a place of natural beauty and quiet reflection, the park
includes a popular disc golf course on Miami University’s campus.