Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Internship Program (CCA 340)

The Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Program at Miami University offers an exciting opportunity to gain professional, hands-on experiences at some of the most prestigious arts organizations in the country.

The internship experience is designed to provide practical application of skills developed in the Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Program by creating meaningful opportunities for students to work one-on-one with highly established for profit and not-for-profit arts organizations.

Course Credit and Compensation

CCA 340 is required for all co-majors in the Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Program and is an available elective for the Arts Management Minor. Students must have completed CCA 111 – Creativity, Innovation, and Design Thinking and CCA 201 – Intro to Arts Management to be eligible to apply for CCA 340.

Internships can be taken "for credit," typically for 0-3 credit hours. For-credit internships generally require one week of full-time work (or the equivalent) for each credit hour earned, per Ohio Department of Higher Education guidelines. Given that an internship may lack the focused instruction of a classroom or may be repetitive in nature, it is recommended that no more than 3 total credit hours be earned for an internship experience, although exceptions can be granted where warranted and approved by the divisional dean. Zero-credit hour internships can also be approved where the internship is unpaid and the employer requires that the student earn academic credit for the experience.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (April 2010), student interns generally must be compensated for the work they perform. Unpaid internships are allowable under the FLSA, but the requirements for such should be carefully reviewed.

Application Process

Students must declare their intention of completing their internship requirement at least one full semester prior to CCA 340 appearing on their schedules. Students will be required to attend a mandatory internship meeting during the registration period of the prior semester. Students are also required to submit all required paperwork including the independent study 508 form, Letter of Agreement, timesheet, and internship evaluation form.

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Where have our students interned?

AACA Museum — Hershey, PA
agencyEA — Chicago, IL
Caroline Scott Players — Oxford, OH
Cloverleaf — Cincinnati, OH
Contemporary Arts Center – Cincinnati, OH
Credo Music — Oberlin, OH
Dahe Gallery — Zhengzhou, China
Dorset Theatre Festival — Dorset, VT
FTI Consulting — Chicago, IL
Gehua Innovation Center — Beijing, China
Greif, Inc. — Columbus, OH
Goodman Theatre — Chicago, IL
Googut Auction Co. — Beijing, China
Guangdong Museum — Guangzhou, China
Hemplete — Los Angelos, CA
Highlands Playhouse — Highlands, NC
Katz, Teller, Brant & Hild — Cincinnati, OH
Kavi Gupta Gallery — Chicago, IL
Kemble Interiors — New York, NY
La Jolla Music Society — San Diego, CA
Mercy Health — Cincinnati, OH
Miami University Arts Museum – Oxford, OH
Michelman — Cincinnati, OH
Newbird — Buffalo, NY
Oxford Community Arts Center — Oxford, OH
Partyslate — Chicago, IL
Pocono Springs Camp — Stroudsburg, PA
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) — Denver, CO
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum — Hamilton, OH
redpepper — Nashville, TN
Oxford Community Arts Center, Oxford OH
Smithsonian: National Museum of African Art — Washington, D.C.
Waldenwood Remodeling — Twin Cities, MN
Washington Wizards (Monumental Sports and Entertainment) — Washington, D.C.
Xie Zilong Photography Museum — Changsha Shi, China