Summer Study in the Arts Inside NYC

Networking to discover how to find employment in the arts

If your student is looking for a way to begin working in the arts in New York City or any large metropolitan area, why not encourage them to enroll in CCA499/Inside New York in the summer of 2016? There are still spaces available in this class, being offered May 30–June 17, 2016.

The College of Creative Arts is partnering with the College of Arts and Science and their very successful Inside New York program to create opportunities for students who love the arts, to network and learn from the most successful alums who are working in New York City.

Students can explore the many ways to use visual and performing arts as training to get a job after graduation. The group will spend time in design firms, graphic design and advertising agencies, music and dance venues, and behind the scenes of Broadway shows. Students will live in the residence halls of New York University. They will also have opportunity to job shadow a working arts professional as they learn the business of the arts.

It can be daunting to make the move to a city to begin a career in the arts. This class explores everything about that process, with the added bonus of networking with a variety of Miami alumni and other professionals who have either lived in NYC for many years or have just begun their career. These professionals want to work with students who have a genuine interest in making, marketing and producing art in the city.

Students don’t have to be a major in any of CCA programs, but they should have some experience in one of the arts disciplines. Contact Rosalyn Benson, CCA administrator emeritus for more information,