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With a degree in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering or engineering management, you will be poised to tackle some of the most important technical problems facing society. Through our accredited curricula, our professors will guide and mentor you as you build a rock solid engineering, science and mathematical foundation. From there, you will learn to tap your personal creativity and ingenuity to team with classmates to explore specialized fields of contemporary importance. Focus areas include Biochemical and bioprocessing, environmental, biomedical, pulp and paper science, bioinformatics, and pre-medical preparation. Our graduates are well prepared to enter industry or continue their education in graduate or medical school.

What is Chemical Engineering?

It is a broad-based major that involves applications of chemical and biological sciences for improving the quality of lives of people.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical Engineering is the integration of life sciences with engineering to develop solutions for healthcare related problems as well as to create new biology-inspired methodologies for computing, design, and engineering.

What is Paper Science?

This is a chemical process-based industry using renewable resources, major focus is on applying the first principles of Chemical Engineering to the manufacture of pulp and paper products.

What is Engineering Management?

This major integrates the fundamentals of science and engineering with the management and business disciplines.

Student Spotlight

Natalie Bukovec was named one of thirty 2018 SCI Scholars this year by the American Chemical Society. As part of the honor, she was granted an internship with Trinseo, a global materials manufacturer and a $1,000 professional development scholarship.

The sophomore chemical engineering student will be transitioning straight from a semester in Granada, Spain (to complete her Spanish minor) to her internship in Dalton, Georgia.

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Two CEC students receive Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award

Two CEC students were recognized for their contributions to Miami University's intellectual dialogue by receiving the Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award. These exceptional students were Carsen Cash (back row 2nd from left) and Alex Mazursky (back row 1st on right).

Cash is a chemical engineering major and premedical studies co-major. He has participated in undergraduate research extensively, both in the CPB department and, this summer, at the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also a member of the honors program and a varsity track & field athlete.

Mazursky is a mechanical engineering major with a energy co-major and is also involved in undergraduate research. He conducts his research under Jeong-Hoi Koo on the applications of electrorheological fluid. He has also interned at both HBK Engineering, LLC and Bruner Corporation. 

Cash and Mazursky are two of the nine students overall receiving this award. Each student receives a certificate and a $1,000 scholarship.

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Michael Rariden is recognized for his work with tissue engineering

Michael Rariden was an honorable mention for the 2018 Goldwater Scholarship Awards.

This past summer, Rariden wanted to gain some experience in a hospital, so he completed an undergraduate research experience at Pennsylvania State University’s College of Medicine. While he was there, he worked to develop an assay to determine the force produced by the molecules involved in muscle contractions.

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Winners of the Senior Design Expo

  • MME: “Size Optimization of EpiPen” by Andrew Garcia, Morgan Humphreys, Joshua Peak, Gretchen Thomas
  • CPB: “Building Enclosure and Control System for Artificial Respiratory Device Setup” by Alex Demers, Jiafeng Wang, and Ethan Wolf
  • CSE: “Accessibility Map Application” by Emily Richmond, Natalia Jardack, Allison Cline, and Ryan Potts
  • ECE: “Security and Spoofing in Data Transmission” by Amanda Ryerse, Adam Stroh, and Scott Lee
  • MUCAT Design Competition: “Visually Impaired Mobility System” by Shifan “Oliver” Luo, Nicole Sherman, Carlos Garcia-Fuentes, and Rachel Kevdzija
  • ECSC Choice: “Orange Peel-Based Adsorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water” by Alyssa Visalli, Rachel Anderson, Griffin Turnbull, and Itoro Akpakpan

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