Faculty Research Interests

CSE faculty are active in a variety of research areas. You are welcome to contact them directly to explore these or other topics further.

Artificial Intelligence

Cross (Semantic web, uncertainty, fuzzy set theory)
Femiani (Machine Learning, robotics)
Giabbanelli (Machine Learning, Health Informatics, and Predictive Simulations)
Inclezan (Knowledge Representation and Reasoning)
Raychoudhury (Applied Machine Learning and Internet of Things)
Zmuda (Intelligent systems and machine learning)

Software Engineering

Alomari (Software maintenance, slicing, measurements, and visualization)
Kiper (Software risk assessment and design rationale)
Rapos (Model-driven software engineering; Software engineering application development; Software quality, evolution, and analysis.)
Sobel (Formal Methods and semantics of Programming Languages)
Stephan (Model driven engineering and reverse engineering)
Vendome (Software evolution, maintenance, and repository mining; mobile software development and testing)

Systems Software

Bachmann (Computer graphics)
Campbell (Multi-media networking operating systems)
Femiani (Computer graphics & vision)
Rao (Simulation, High performance computing)
Stephan (Software Quality, Security, and Testing)
Davis (Database design and modeling, Query processing, NoSQL)

User Immersion

Bachmann (Virtual environments and human motion)


Bhunia (Network Security)
Bibak (Cryptography, Information Security, Coding Theory)
Vendome (Software licensing and license compliance)

Wireless Networks/Internet of Things

Bhunia (Wireless networks)
Raychoudhury (Sensor Networks; Distributed, Mobile and Pervasive Computing)


Bibak (Coding, Information, and Communication Theory; Number Theory; Quantum Information Science (QIS))