External Advisory Council

Jason Bank

Jason Bank photoPosition: Manager - 777X CWC ME/NCP Spars/Panels

Company: Boeing

Location: Nothell, WA

Department: MME

Maria Bennett

Marcia BennettPosition: President, CEO & Founder

Company: SPR Therapeutics

Location: Cleveland, OH

Department: MME

Scott Berkey

Scott Berkey photoPosition: Senior Vice President

Company: Sciences & Simulation, Dassault Systemes

Location: Waltham, WA

Department: MME

Larry Butkus

Larry ButkusPosition: Technical Director USAF AirWorthiness Office

Company: Wright-Paterson AFB, OH

Department: MME

Brent Blouch

Photo of Brent BlouchPosition: VP, Global Sourcing and Logistics

Company: Swagelok Company

Location: Solon, Ohio

Department: MME

Doug Hammond

Doug HammondPosition: Regional Vice President

Company: Randstad US

Location: Atlanta, GA

Department: MME

Al Hershey

Al Hershey photoPosition: Principal

Company: Hershey Partners

Location: Bonita Springs, FL

Department: MME

Mary Kinsella

Mary KinsellaPosition:  Ret. 

Company: Air Force Research Laboratory

Location: Wright Patterson AFB, OH

Department: MME

Marty Lakes

Marty LakesPosition: President & CEO

Company: ManufacturAgility

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Department: MME

Scott McNeilly

Scott McNeilly photoPosition: Purchasing Capability Manager

Company: Nokia

Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Department: MME

David Rohe

David RohePosition: Principal Consultant

Company: Rohe & Company, LLC

Location: Copley, Ohio

Department: MME

Greg Shendel

Greg Shendel photoPosition: Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

Company: Tesla Motors, Inc. Power Electronics

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Department: MME

Bob Simpson

Bob SimpsonPosition: Retired

Company: American Axle and Manufacturing

Location: Detroit, MI

Department: MME

Nicole Smith

Nicole SmithPosition: Senior Project Manager

Company: NASA, Orion Testing at Plum Brook Station

Location: Cleveland, OH

Department: MME

Nicholas Truster

Nicholas TrusterPosition: Mechanical Engineer

Company: Air Force Research Laboratory

Location: WPAFB, OH

Department: MME