Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Group of students work on a project table

The Manufacturing Processes (MP) Laboratory provides students with the opportunity to study and practice manufacturing processes.  This laboratory provides students with experiential learning of the nature and technique of manufacturing processes. Students can set up and operate machines, manufacture parts, measure process variables, and inspect manufactured parts.  Student learning from lab experiences is integrated with prior and subsequent learning of other engineering topics such as engineering materials and quality planning and control.

The MP Laboratory includes facilities to demonstrate and explore examples of casting, molding, forming, machining, heat-treating, and joining processes. The laboratory includes a variety of instruments for measurement of process variables and product quality variables.  The MP Laboratory is used on a scheduled basis for the Manufacturing Processes (MME 231) and Manufacturing Design (MME 434) courses.  The MP Laboratory also provides facilities for students to carry out process and product design projects in many courses.

The principal research objective of the MP Lab is to provide opportunities to study selected manufacturing processes.  To date, the lab equipment has been used for studies in machining, injection molding, and forging.  The machine tools have also been used to fabricate pieces of equipment for experiments.