Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Labs

Students working in chemical, paper, and bioengineering labs.

The Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical department houses its various labs in the Engineering Building. The large lab on the ground floor is home to the Pilot Paper Machine which is used not only for hands-on student activity, but also for contractual research by outside companies. Due to the increase in students in the CPB department, the ground floor lab is adding lab tables to increase the space's usability. This newly created lab space will allow students to go to lab and be fully immersed in the paper making process. Down the hall, the Unit Operations Lab is where some of the paper is made and processed before being brought over to the big paper machine. This lab is also currently expanding due to the rise in demand within the paper industry and the department. This lab is on the cutting edge of the paper making process and is always making strides to be on the forefront of the paper industry.

Student and Dr. Jessica Sparks working with a 3D printer in a CPB labThe Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical labs are now also home to a newly expanded space on the first floor of the Engineering Building. These labs are geared toward students and faculty within the Chemical and Biomedical disciplines. The larger lab is currently being used by Biomedical students and faculty working on creating a chemical compound known as a hydrogel. The goal is that the hydrogel will be used in the lab's 3D printer to help make artificial organs that surgeons and students can practice medical procedures on. The hydrogel will be used to mimic human tissue. Another section of the lab is used for research on synthetic graphs and their use as a drug delivery system. This cutting edge medical research is allowing students to work directly with faculty and obtain real life experiences. 

In addition to these innovative labs, students have access to the TAPPI Treehouse, a study area that overlooks the paper machining area. This space is designated for students to have a place where they can study for exams, work on homework, and take a break from the lab. Check out the CPB department facilities available to students.