"Weave the Story" Teaching Old Miami/New Miami

Eligibility: All instructors, VAPs and part-time; staff; graduate students; and librarians

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: May 15, 2021

Purpose and Description

This community is year-long exploration of Miami's history and traditions, the successes it has achieved, and the shared responsibility to understand as future generations of Miamians are educated. The FLC takes a the question "What has happened here?" and aims to:

  • Inspire new conversations on Miami's history and traditions through an engaged conversation and exploration of Miami's written histories, oral interviews, and artifacts
  • Innovate new approaches to Miami's history, traditions, and culture that will engage faculty, alumni, staff and community shareholders in a conversation that may serve as a model for other institutions beginning similar conversations
  • Implement these approaches and conversations as new curriculum and teaching/learning resources across disciplines.


  • Members will engage with university historians and archivists and reflect on this learned history.
  • Members will consider how to to weave Miami history into the classroom by creating meaningful lessons.
  • Members will connect with community partners to showcase learned history of Old Miami/New Miami. 


  • Elena Albarran, History
  • Sasha Bellman, Media, Journalism, & Film
  • Michael Carrafiello, Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Stephanie Danker, Art
  • Annie Dell'Aria, Art; Co-facilitator
  • Nathan French, Comparative Religion; Co-facilitator
  • Jason Palmeri, English
  • Rosemary Pennington, Media, Journalism, & Film
  • Joe Sampson, Media, Journalism, & Film
  • Carrie Sharitt, Biology
  • Cameron Shriver, History
  • Carolyn Slotten, Family Science and Social Work
  • John Tassoni, Languages, Literatures, & Writing