Task Force Recommendation Updates


Letter from Dr. Crawford

The Presidential DEI implementation group formed in August – September 2020 to examine the 44 recommendations set forth by the President’s DEI task force. This site will serve as the home for updates regarding the DEI task force recommendations, with future changes being communicated as they occur via Interim Vice President James’ weekly three communication.

DEI Fund Expenditures

The DEI Fund has been used to support DEI recommendations. President Crawford, Provost Osborne, Sr. Vice President David Cramer and Interim Vice President Anthony James discussed a process for setting up the DEI Fund account and using it to support advancing the recommendations. These funds are used to support smaller expenditures related to the DEI recommendations. To date, the fund has been used to support three projects. For each, a given entity wrote a proposal to request using the funds for a DEI-related initiative that aligned with the task force recommendations. Proposals were submitted to Anthony James, who then convened a small review committee from the implementation group to review the proposal and make a decision on whether to approve. The following initiatives have been approved: two graduate school DEI FLC focusing on mentoring at $12,000 (2021); UCM student fellows initiative at $15,000 (2021-2023); Intergroup Dialogue Training for 12 Miami University personnel at $13K (2021).

Next to each recommendation will be a “B” and a Number (e.g., B1). Corresponding bucket teams are: B1- structure of DEI, B2- lived experience of community members, B3- responding to incidents of harm, B4- external partnerships and relations.

Implemention Progress

Dialogue and Allyship


Recommendations for Dialogue and Allyship
Recommendation Bucket Accountable Entity Status Update
#1 Provide institutional support for a robust and sustainable intergroup dialogue initiative B2 Global Initiatives Implemented In 2021, 12 Miami University personnel will be registered to receive IGD training at the University of Michigan.

#2 Expand intergroup dialogue (IGD) to include peer cohorts of faculty, staff, and administrators.


The Office of the President, The Office of Institutional Diversity, Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Student Life

Implemented Three Boldly Creative (BC) grants submitted to support this. All 3 BC grants related to our recommendations are accepted and will move forward with the final proposal.

#3 Make IGD mandatory for all undergraduate students, beginning with first year students, by requiring incoming first year students to take a 1-credit IGD course (equivalent to the CAWC’s Intro to Voices program) following UNV 101 (or similar discipline-designated courses; i.e., CHM 147). Thereafter, provide other academic and co-curricular IGD opportunities for further development

B2 Academic departments Implemented Global Miami Plan changes are underway. There is not a clear pathway for mandatory IGD for all UG students. However, two colleges (FSB and CAS) are piloting first-year student programs that require IGD. These programs can inform future approaches to helping our students develop and strengthening their ability to speak across differences.

#4 Offer IGD to graduate students.

B2 The graduate school in concert with academic departments In Progress Several models are being discussed to provide a pathway to expanding IGD to graduate students.
#5 As an Ohio public university, Miami may serve the greater community by expanding IGD pedagogy and praxis to alums and the business community B2 Miami’s Alumni Association and Office of Government and Community Relations would take on appropriate responsibility for expansion. The CAWC will be responsible for helping to provide resources. In Progress University Advancement (and the Alumni Association within it) are in full support of this effort and look forward to implementation in partnership with ASPIRE and CAWC.

#6 While IGD directly develops skills in both dialogue and allyship/accompliceship, provide additional training specifically around allyship/accompliceship of marginalized groups on campus (similar to Safe Zone training for LGBTQ+ and Green Zone training for veterans).


Center for Teaching and Learning

In Progress Miami currently has several training options. VP Anthony James is currently working on analyzing the database to provide an update to the community on the percentage of personnel who have completed the training.

#7 Create internal and external diversity marketing plans to promote literacy around intergroup dialogue and allyship across diverse social identities with sensitivity to Miami’s status as a Predominantly White Institution.


The Office of Institutional Diversity, in collaboration with University Communications and Marketing, will develop goals and metrics as part of the Diversity Dashboard or Scorecard. The CAWC will be responsible for helping to provide resources.

In Progress Implementation group is working with UCM to develop marketing plan and materials.



Cultural Consciousness


Recommendations for Cultural Consciousness
Recommendation Bucket Accountable Entity Status Update

#1 Global Miami Plan revision on Intercultural Perspectives

B2 Liberal Education Committee and University DE&I Implementation Committee In Progress The new Miami Global Plan (MGP) includes multiple and interwoven opportunities for students to engage with issues of equity, diversity and inclusion, beginning with the four pillars of transferable skills, which embody the values and mission of a Miami education. The "Global Citizenship" Perspectives area (12 credit hours), along with the ODHE new DE&I requirement, requires 9 additional hours (of Miami coursework) focussed on Intercultural Consciousness and Global Inquiry. For more information on Liberal Education at Miami please contact miamiplan@MiamiOH.edu

#2 Academic Affairs - Permanent Faculty specializing in subjects critical to DEI initiatives (combined with Pillar 4; recommendation 4)

B1 Academic Personnel/Academic Affairs In Progress Discussions are ongoing about models for identifying faculty with specialization and the courses that would have a DEI distinction.

#3 Cultural Consciousness Assessment

B1 Liberal Education Committee, Global Initiatives Office, and University DE&I Implementation Committee, Graduate School In Progress There are 3 tools that could be used.  Global Initiatives has a learning specialist with experience with the tools along with costs.  On hold until GMP is updated.

#4 Cultural Consciousness Training/Professional Development


The Office for Institutional Diversity & Inclusion and University DE&I Implementation Committee

In Progress Ongoing discussions with current related campus programs, including discussions of whether to expand. 

#5 International Student Integration and Support


Residence Hall Programming (Student Life), DE&I Implementation Committee

Implemented Currently identifying existing programming and possible avenues to scale up.


Advocacy and Partnerships

Recommendations for Advocacy and Partnership
Recommendation Bucket Accountable Entity Status Update

#1 Establish a Center for Justice, Advocacy, and Community Engagement (JACE).

B1 Office of president; University Advancement In Progress Preliminary discussions with university stakeholders about feasibility, function, and vision/mission of such a center.

#2 Establish teach away/study away with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs).

B2 Office of the President; Office of Global Initiatives. Implemented Miami University’s FSB has partnered with FAMU’s School of Business and Industry to pilot a partnership that allows cohort-based learning opportunities between MU and FAMU students beginning in fall 2021. This program will include opportunities for the cohort to study at the campus of each school, culminating with an internship through a corporate partnership. 
Update: Learn more at FAMU-Miami Student Exchange

#3 Replicate and extend our partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools to target underrepresented students in Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland.


Office of the President; Miami University-CPS group; EMSS Office of Admission-Senior Associate Director for Diversity Initiatives.

In Progress Admissions is aware of and prepared to facilitate this process of bringing all CPS partner programs into conversation with the CPS team to solidify a process that can be replicated elsewhere.

#4 Explicitly name and/or hire a Title VI coordinator.

B3 Office of the President; OEEO Implemented Current OEEO office has a Title VI officer (Ms. Kenya Ash). The OEEO website has been updated to reflect this.

#5 Revise the Student Code of Conduct to explicitly include Title VI language similar to the current Title IX language included.


Office of Community Standards; Student Life Council. 

Implemented OCS will update the student code with Title VI language when they review for revisions in the spring, for the 2021-2022 academic year.

#6 Identify and partner with organizations such as The PhD Project, the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, and the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education to increase faculty and staff diversity.


Office of Institutional Diversity; Deans and department chairs.

In Progress Ongoing discussion with division and college partners to identify such opportunities.

#7 Miami University can become a template by encouraging the partnership between our Department of Family Sciences and Social Work (FSW) and the MUPD and OPD. This partnership will explore how to maximize the presence of social workers, mental health professionals and paramedics in difficult situations. 


College of Education, Health, and Society, Department of Family Sciences, MUPD, and OPD.

In Progress Boldly creative proposal submitted by FSW to advance this recommendation.

#8 Key internal and external partners rotate hosting responsibilities for our monthly “Advocates and Allies” happy hour.


Office of the President; Various partnering organizations.

In Progress Currently in discussion with faculty/staff affinity groups to serve as hosts of these events.

#9  Miami University must be able to determine under what conditions employees can be terminated and students can be dismissed from the University if proven they have made discriminatory (e.g., racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) comments. 


Office of the President; Office of General Counsel; Office of Institutional Diversity.

Implemented View Full Update


Structural and Resource Support

Recommendations for Structural and Resource Support
Recommendation Bucket Accountable Entity Status Update
#1 Restructuring Office of Institutional Diversity - Addition of Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion. B1 Human Resources; Office of Institutional Diversity Implemented The current interim VP hired appointed a special assistant for the office. When a permanent VP is appointed, the office of the president can work with them about their vision regarding the addition of staff in that office.
#2 Office of Institutional Diversity - Addition of Program Coordinator B1 Human Resources; Office of the President Implemented The current interim VP appointed special assistants for the office. When a permanent VP is appointed, the Office of the President can work with that individual about her/his/their vision regarding the addition of staff in that office.
#3 Office of General Counsel - Addition of Civil Rights: Title IX General Counsel B3 Human Resources; Office of the President Implemented The OGC hired a new assistant general counsel that will address civil rights related cases.
#4 Combined with Pillar 2, Recommendation #2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
#5 Divisions/Colleges: Addition of Diversity & Inclusion Liaison/Specialist B2 Human Resources, Office of Institutional Diversity, College and/or Division Implemented Interim VP of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion has created a website that articulates the structure of DEI at Miami University. This website shows the persons, or groups, responsible for DEI related efforts within their units.
#6 Divisions/Colleges: Addition of a graduate or undergraduate student to all faculty/staff hiring committees. B1 Human Resources, Office of Institutional Diversity, Colleges/Divisions, Departments In Progress Conversations with HR and Academic Affairs to determine which hires require search and the feasibility of this recommendation.
#7 More frequent use of Miami’s Land Acknowledgement statement B4 Office of Institutional Diversity, University Communications, College/Division Implemented The land acknowledgement has been added to the university webpages as a footer per the recommendation.  Work is ongoing to have the acknowledgement used in more public events.  This recommendation is also expanding to include a labor acknowledgement.
#8 Naming Rights - We recommend that Nellie Craig, Miami’s first African American student, be recognized with a building named in their honor. B2 University Advancement Implemented Building name was approved. Virtual ceremony was released on February 24, 2020.
#9 Scholarships/Giving - Our committee recommends that it be permissible for scholarships to specify minority and/or underrepresented student populations in the criteria for endowing and awarding the scholarships. B1 University Advancement; Financial Aid; New Civil Rights/Title IX Attorney In Progress Preliminary conversations with university advancement and office of general counsel about whether/how to move forward with this recommendation.
#10 University Calendar/Holiday Celebrations - We recommend a close examination of the holidays that are supported, recognized and acknowledged by the university. B2 Institutional Diversity and Registrar Implemented The Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion has instituted a process for recognizing a variety of observances across groups and mentioning in the weekly three. Additional efforts include raising awareness and knowledge of the Religious Holidays policy and calendar for students, faculty, and staff.
#11 Examine the complete suspension of the standardized test requirement across undergraduate and graduate programs. B2 Admissions; Graduate School; Select Graduate Programs In Progress University leadership is in the process of examining the feasibility of this recommendation and whether/how to move forward.
#12 Responsible Purchasing & Financial Spending - Increase spending percentages for Minority and Women Owned Businesses. B4 FBS; Office of Strategic Procurement Implemented

This is an existing and on-going initiative with Finance and Business Services and the Office of Strategic Procurement. Miami University's specific approach to this recommendation are the MBE/EDGE programs.

embargoed: put new HEED award up after release

#13 Leverage Alumni and Business Connections; and
#15 Leverage Community/Professional Association Connections
B4 Alumni Relations/Advancement, EMSS, Admissions, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, and Office of Institutional Research In Progress Contact has been made with Corporate Relations and Alumni Relations regarding these areas. Research was being conducted on which corporate partners would be best for DEI initiatives. Form is in development to collect information from employees about their DEI-related community and professional association affiliations. There is a current work around. However, similar to the ongoing efforts with #9/B1, the successful implementation of this will require adjustments and changes to current policy regarding donor giving specifically to diversity related programs and students. The improvement in this area will be impacted by the outcome of B1/#9 changes/updates to general counsel and existing university policy.
#14 Area K-12 Schools - Build relationships through an Upward Bound and other TRIO grant programs. B4 EMSS; Student Success Center In Progress Currently Miami University TRIO program only at the regional campus and must continue that way until the new grant is written for the 2025-2030 cycle. Efforts are underway to bring the McNair program to Miami and would be a good fit, particularly at the graduate level. Meetings were held with EMSS and VP Alicia Knoedler. Alicia is currently determining which department would be best to continue this effort with a goal of writing for the McNair program in 2021.


Inclusion and Accountability

Recommendations for Inclusion and Accountability
Recommendation Bucket Accountable Entity Status Update

#1 Comprehensive diverse ally/mentor program for new hires and staff.

B1 President’s Executive Committee Implemented The ally/mentor program was launched in Oct. 2020.

#2 Create a centralized system that brings awareness and disseminates DEI initiatives.

B1 Creating a centralized portal as a “one-stop” DEI system, with the help of units such as: Institutional Diversity, Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity, Central IT, University Libraries, etc. Implemented The Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion website is the centralized system for the dissemination of DEI initiatives. The primary mechanism will be the Weekly Three from the Interim Vice President of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion, which is posted on the News & Updates section.

#3 Implement a “behind the scenes” forum. This would be a generalization of what their process looks like from an accountability standpoint.

B1 Office of Equal Opportunity, Office of Community Standards, Office of General Counsel, Human Resources, and Academic Personnel, etc. Implemented The DEI Video series forum was launched in fall 2020 and will continue through Spring 2021.
#4 Provide clarity around what MU has to offer in terms of DEI in the curriculum (Global Miami Plan). Consider the inclusion of DEI curriculum within the Global Miami Plan, provide clarity on which classes are considered to center on DEI elements/themes, decide on what students should be required to take include (1-3 credit classes, independent studies, etc.). B2

Office of the Provost

In Progress The new Miami Global Plan (MGP) includes multiple and interwoven opportunities for students to engage with issues of equity, diversity and inclusion, beginning with the four pillars of transferable skills, which embody the values and mission of a Miami education. The "Global Citizenship" Perspectives area (12 credit hours), along with the ODHE new DE&I requirement, requires 9 additional hours (of Miami coursework) focussed on Intercultural Consciousness and Global Inquiry. For more information on Liberal Education at Miami please contact miamiplan@MiamiOH.edu
#5 Utilize students' retention, graduation, and success rates to drive accountability. Student retention, graduation and success rates in aggregate are one way to keep the university accountable for the success of all students from different backgrounds. B1 Office of Institutional Research Implemented The Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion website to reflect this information. Links to more data are also on the website. This work falls under the scope of the Student Success Committee (EMSS) who can work with the VP of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion on progress and updates.

#6 Enhance transparency and accountability for bias report system (Submitting reports anonymously).

B3 Office of Institutional Diversity In Progress Small subcommittee currently discussing ways to educate community about current system and adjust as needed.

#7 Assess progress on President’s DEI Task Force Recommendations. The Task Force is recommending a number of recommendations for implementation starting in Fall 2020. The new Task Force, in consultation with the President and the PEC members, will develop a revised timeline for the recommendations, the new timeline and list of priorities should be communicated with the university community.

B1 Task force implementation group Implemented This is an ongoing process. This report serves as a first update to the community on each recommendation. Scheduled updates will occur in the future. The work of the implementation group will transition to CODI in early 2021 to ensure efforts to advance recommendations continue.

#8 Hire communications staff person to handle DEI related communication.

B4 Office of the President Implemented Proposal accepted for UCM to hire students advance this recommendation.