Vision and Mission


Our vision is to create a welcoming, affirming, curious, and collaborative environment for LGBTQIA+ community and allies to dream, create, and make change together. We are building a robust community of research, advocacy, and practice that centers justice, equity, sex-positivity, trauma-informed care, culturally-responsive methods, evidence-informed practice, and intersectional frameworks.


The Dennis L. Carlson Sexuality Education Studies Center is a collaborative center that thrives on the support networks and partnerships we cultivate. The SESC focuses on 3 primary areas: faculty research support, quality sexuality education, and advocacy for a variety of sex/ual/ity needs within the Miami and local communities. To do this work, we facilitate a faculty affiliate community to collaborate on and promote sex/ual/ity related research and policy initiatives. We also work with campus, local, and national entities to provide critically-informed sexuality education and resources that are research-supported, evidence-informed, culturally responsive, medically accurate, and chronologically and developmentally relevant. Throughout our pleasure-centered and sex-positive work, we encourage and support personal agency, greater access across communities, and ownership of one’s sexual health and wellness.