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We LOVE that you are here!! Look around our website….check us out on our social media. Reach out to Colleen Floyd, the SESC Graduate Assistant, or Dr. Kate Kuvalanka, Professor in the Department of Family Science and Social Work, if you have comments, questions, or ideas to share.

Richelle Frabotta

Richelle Frabotta is the founder and former Coordinator of the Sexuality Education Studies Center (SESC). Her intent was to create “a unique student-centered, community-minded, intersectionality-aware, multidisciplinary informed, social justice focused, and human rights-oriented educational services space that insists on utilizing sound pedagogy, praxis, best practices, and ethics at the core of all that is taught.”

Richelle has left her full-time job at Miami, but we are so grateful for what she has left behind. The SESC is her legacy! As those of us in the College of Education, Health and Society figure out the future of the SESC, we proud to be able to continue some of the great programming that Richelle began. For example, Periods Rock! is still going strong, so you can still find free period products, as well as condoms and lube, in all bathrooms in McGuffey Hall. We’ll be coming soon to Phillips Hall and Laws Hall as well to cover all EHS buildings. And we hope to be expanding to other buildings across campus as we collaborate with partners in other departments and programs. Stay tuned!

Colleen FloydMeet Colleen Floyd, the SESC Graduate Assistant! Colleen is a second year master’s student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education program. She has worked as the SESC’s Graduate Assistant since fall of 2020 and has enjoyed the opportunity to provide free menstrual and sexual health products to the Miami community, as well as bolstering the field of inclusive sexuality education. Outside the SESC, Colleen works as a Graduate Practicum Student for the Miller Center for Student Disability Services, where she is able to pair her passions for disability justice and student affairs. If you have any questions about the SESC or Periods Rock! please feel free to contact me at

Kate KuvalankaMeet Dr. Kate Kuvalanka (she/her), Professor and Interim Chair in the Department of Family Science and Social Work. Dr. K’s research focuses on LGBTQ family issues, including the experiences of youth and young adults with LGBTQ parents. For the past 10 years, she has been conducting a longitudinal study with 50 families with transgender and gender-diverse children. She’s excited to help figure out the future of the SESC! Reach out to her at with questions!

SESC in the News

Being Open and Honest About Sexuality (Part 1) - with Richelle Frabotta

We’ve all heard the phrase: Sex sells. And while that may be true, it also creates controversy. But for all the attention this subject commands, it is surprising how little we actually understand it. Sexuality is not something many people are comfortable speaking about openly. But Richelle Frabotta is not one of them.

As one of the few certified sexuality educators in the country, she teaches openly and frankly from a sex-positive perspective about what have traditionally been very challenging issues. She is also at the forefront of the new Sexuality Education Studies Center here at Miami, and in this podcast episode, she talks about the importance of sexuality education, and much more.

Being Open and Honest About Sexuality (Part 2)- with Richelle Frabotta

In this podcast episode, we explore the complex subject of human sexuality, as well as why it’s still so challenging for educators to provide a proper sexuality education. And so, we continue our conversation with certified sexuality educator Richelle Frabotta.

We talk with Richelle about the direction society seems to be moving on this issue, and we’ll learn about what Miami’s new Sexuality Education Studies Center will do for the campus and the community.

Periods Rock!

When we talk about inequality and poverty, there is one issue that is rarely addressed. Even though it is a natural part of life that affects more than 800 million people every day, the menstrual period can still be a source of financial hardship, shame, embarrassment, and even inequity.

So at Miami, there is a new outreach project called Periods Rock! Which addresses issues such as period poverty, the pink tax, and the ongoing social stigma that still persists in many ways.

Words of Thanks to Richelle Frabotta, founder and former Coordinator of the SESC

Bridget Cronin

Bridget Cronin

"Richelle, words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunities you have provided me over the past 5 semesters. I will forever be grateful for your role as my college mentor, and now a friend. We’ve made quite a team throughout our time together and I wish you continued success, especially within the new Sexuality Education Studies Center. I can’t wait to watch it grow!"

Emily Arinze

Emily Arinze

"Richelle, wow, this has been an amazing past few years working with you! I have learned so much from you and appreciate everything that you have done for me! Thank you so much for this amazing experience and I can’t wait to come back and visit and see all the new changes! I love you so much and I will make sure to keep in contact with you!"

Kaly Snow

Kaly Snow

"Richelle, I want to thank you for the past few semesters. You have taught me so much about having an open mind, having an honest voice and being a passionate student. I know the center will be everything you hoped for when it opens and you deserve it. Thanks for everything!"