Nathaniel Bryan

Nathaniel BryanAssistant Professor

PhD. Early Childhood Education (University of South Carolina)
EdD. Educational Leadership (South Carolina State University)

Curriculum Vitae


Nathaniel Bryan, Ed.D., Ph.D. is an assistant professor of early childhood education at the Miami University. His teaching and scholarship explores issues of equity and diversity, critical race theory, culturally relevant teaching, urban education, and Black education. Though he studies broadly these frameworks, he is particularly interested in the constructed identities and pedagogical styles of Black male teachers and the schooling and childhood play experiences of Black boys in early childhood classrooms through a critical lens. In his spare time, Dr. Bryan enjoys reading novels, traveling abroad, and spending time with family.

Selected Publications/Presentations

Bryan, N. (accepted). Shaking the 'bad boys': Troubling the criminalization of Black boys' childhood play, hegemonic White masculinity and femininity, and the 'school playground-to-prison pipeline' Race, Ethnicity, and Education

Bryan, N. & Jett, C. (accepted).“Playing School”: Creating possibilities to inspire future Black male teachers through culturally relevant play. Journal of Multicultural Education

Bryan, N. & Williams, T. (2017). We need more than male bodies in classrooms: Recruiting and retaining culturally relevant Black male teachers in early childhood education. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education

Bryan, N. (2017). White teachers’ role in sustaining the school-to-prison pipeline: Recommendations for Teacher Education. Urban Review, 49(2), 326-345.

Bryan, N. (2016) “Straight Outta Support”: Learning to navigate the academy as a Black male clinical faculty as a Predominantly White institution through R.A.C.E. Mentoring. In Ford, D., Trotman-Scott, M., Goings, R.B., Wingfield, T. & Hensfield, M. R.A.C.E. Mentoring through Social Media. Information Age Publishing

Milton, T. W. & Bryan, N. (2016). Respecting the Cultural Continuum of Black Male Pedagogy Urban Education, DOI: 0042085916677346

Johnson, L. & Bryan, N. (2016). Using our voices, losing our bodies: Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and the Spirit Murder of Black Male Professors in the Academy. Race Ethnicity, and Education, 20(2),163-177.

Bryan, N., Johnson, L., & Williams, T. (2016). Preparing Black Male Teachers for the Gifted Classroom: Recommendations for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Journal of Negro Education, 85(4), 489-504.

Bryan, N., Johnson, L., Smith, D., Garvin, B., & Broughton, A., (2016). Vision, voices, and actions: Creating pathways to social justice. In Long, S. Souto-Manning, M. & Vasquez, V. Courageous Leaders: Taking a stand for Social Justice. Teachers College Press.

Kohler, M., Christensen, L., Roy, J., Kilgo, J. & Bryan, N. (2013). Among the periodicals: The Obesogenic environment. Childhood Education, 89(2),129-133.

Bryan, N. & Browder, J. (2013) “Are you sure you know what you are doing?” The lived experiences of an African American Male Kindergarten Teacher. Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning, 3(1), 142-158.

Bryan, N. & Ford, D. (2014) Recruiting and Retaining Black Male Teachers in Gifted Education. The Gifted Child Today, 37(3), 156-161.

Research Interests

Dr. Bryan's teaching and scholarship explores issues of equity and diversity, critical race theory, culturally relevant teaching, urban education, and Black education.

Teaching Responsibilities

EDT 346

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