Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement

The Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement can be added to a valid Ohio Early Childhood P-3 teaching license upon successful completion of required education courses and by passing the current testing requirements established by the Ohio Department of Education. Such an endorsement enables a teacher to teach all core academic content areas in grades four and five in the State of Ohio. Nine of the 10 hours of the endorsement can apply towards the M.Ed. in Transformative Education degree.

Course Requirements

Undergraduates who have successfully completed their ECE Content Methods Block and have at least 90 undergraduate semester hours will be eligible to take these courses/workshops. Those with at least 112 undergraduate semester hours will also have the option to petition to take these courses/workshops at the graduate level. These courses can not count towards graduation for the undergraduate degree.

Teachers who currently hold an Early Childhood P-3 teaching license should take these courses at the graduate level.

Please note that due to changes in the state licensure grade bands, the Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement will only be offered through Summer of 2023 if there is adequate demand.


Must I take all four courses at one time?

No. First of all, getting the endorsement is an OPTIONAL (but advisable) choice. You may decide you are not interested at this time. You may also decide to take one course at a time, two courses, or all of the courses within the same summer. Currently, Miami plans to only teach these courses during the summers, with the exception of the one-hour credit EDT 453/553, which may be offered during the fall semesters when there is sufficient interest.

What should I do if am interested in taking these courses this summer?

After March 1, look for these courses among the Miami Course Lists on Banner Web. Follow the instructions posted on the appropriate Miami website to register online. Allow at least seven (7) business days for the processing of your registration. Once you are notified that everything is in order, you should be prepared to pay for the workshop almost immediately. If you are receiving a scholarship you should pay the amount not covered by scholarship(s).

Note: Nine of the 10 hours for the Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement also apply to a Master’s in Education degree in Elementary Education in the Teacher Education Department.

Which examination is required (in addition to successfully passing the courses) to get this endorsement and when should I take it?

Visit the Ohio Department of Education website for the most current testing requirements.

You may decide to take the test(s) before, during, or after you have taken the classes—dependent upon your confidence in your readiness. You will need to make sure that your passing score is sent to Miami University so Elizabeth Hurrell (Elizabeth.Hurrell@miamioh.edu) can submit the proper paperwork to the Ohio Department of Education to file for the endorsement.

Is there additional paperwork to complete in order to get the endorsement?

Yes. When you have successfully taken the required courses AND also successfully passed the test(s), submit all evidence to Elizabeth Hurrell in McGuffey Hall, Miami University, along with an application form (available in that office). The information will be sent forward to the Ohio Department of Education to confirm your eligibility for the endorsement to be added to your P-3 Early Childhood teaching license.

Are we guaranteed that all of these courses will be offered in Oxford or the VOA in the summer?

Only if there is sufficient enrollment.

As an undergraduate may I take these courses for graduate credit?

Yes, if you have at least 112 semester hours toward your bachelor’s degree and at least a cumulative 2.75 GPA and at least a 3.0 GPA in Early Childhood Education courses, you may see Teacher Education's Chief Department Advisor in Room 404 and file a petition.

If I take one endorsement course at Miami will I be able to transfer that course to another Ohio university and just take the other courses that are required there for the endorsement?

Maybe, maybe not. The acceptance of transfer courses for the endorsement will be a choice made at each institution. If you wish to take the courses for the ECE endorsement from Miami you will take the courses that are approved for Miami. If you wish to take them from another Ohio institution—which will require different courses, and may also require 9 or more hours—you will take the courses approved for that university.

If I have not taken methods yet am I able to begin taking these courses?

No. These courses will be designed with prerequisites as follows: either have already had content methods (with at least a two-week teaching experience in the schools), have student taught, or are currently licensed teachers.

May I take these courses after I graduate?

Yes, certainly, if you wish. You may take them from Miami or from another Ohio institution where the number of required courses/hours will vary.