Scholarships and Financial Opportunities

Family Science and Social Work Scholarships

To apply, students must complete an application. Some scholarships may include a required essay response, a current transcript and/or DAR, and a resume. Application must be complete, with no missing information. Incomplete applications will not be considered. These scholarships are competitive. Please check the eligibility when applying.

Undergraduate Program Scholarships

Anita Klipple Prize: Prize to the best all around Family Science or Social Work student

Graduate Program Scholarships

We take your future success seriously and recognize graduate school is a financial demand. To support student success, below are the funding opportunities that focus on FSW graduate students:

  1. Jane and Dessie Rees Scholarship: Based on academic achievement and essay responses, $1000 per student.
  2. Marjorie Post Farrington Scholarship: Based on academic achievement, financial need, $1000 per student.
  3. FSW Department Scholarship: Individual awards will vary between $1-5K per academic year. Prioritizes those with a previous degree from Miami University but all incoming and returning students are eligible to apply. Awards are based on both documented financial need as well as previous academic success. This award is not renewable.
  4. Emma Waldauer Scholarship: Based on academic achievement and essay responses.

University Scholarships

Most Miami scholarships are administered by the Office of Financial Aid, 121 Nellie Craig Walker Hall, 529-0001, and require documented financial need.

Prospective students should also be aware of Miami’s Access Initiative, which is designed to help make a Miami degree accessible to all academically qualified students. Any Ohio resident entering Miami’s Oxford campus as first-time, full-time freshman in the fall will be considered for the scholarship program. Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15, be eligible for federal aid, and have a total family income equal to or less than $35,000.