As nationally mandated by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), the professional athletic training program at Miami University transitioned from the Bachelor’s level to the Master’s level. Students wishing to pursue athletic training should enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program with the intention of applying to the Master of Athletic Training program during junior year.

Master of Athletic Training program


To enter the Athletic Training major, students must apply to and be accepted by the faculty of the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP). Admission to the ATEP is limited due to accreditation enrollment restrictions.

The pre-professional phase of the program occurs for one semester during the first year in KNH 182 where the student will be rotated through clinical experiences in Intercollegiate Athletics. They will observe and assist the staff Athletic Trainers and athletic training students in a variety of athletic training facilities with several different teams and athletes*.

All pre-professional athletic training students are required to complete an application to the program during Spring semester.

The following criteria must be met to be considered for admission:

  • Documentation of signed Technical Standards in Athletic Training.
  • Completion of at least 24 total credit hours including a minimum of 12 Miami Plan hours.
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.5 in Miami Plan and required courses.
  • Completion of KNH 182.
  • Minimum grade of “B” in KNH 182.
  • Have successful evaluations from the supervising athletic trainers.
  • Documented Hepatitis B vaccine series (or waiver).
  • Successful writing sample.
  • Interview with Athletic Training Education Program Director.
  • Completed admission application and supplemental materials.

Acceptance to the program is very competitive. Completion of the above items does not guarantee admission to the program. Upon acceptance to the program, you will be assigned to clinical sites at Miami University and designated affiliate clinical sites and be required to attend your clinical assignments on a daily basis (practices and events; mornings, afternoons, or evenings, and weekends) as per that particular clinical site. Your academic schedule will be the only limiting factor to your clinical assignments. Please note that employment and academic/athletic scholarship requirements will not waive your clinical obligations. Students are responsible for expenses of the above and transportation to and from all clinical agencies.

To retain enrollment in the Academic Program, athletic training students must maintain a 2.50 or better cumulative grade point average for all coursework and show satisfactory completion of appropriate clinical proficiencies.

*Attention Athletic Training Majors: Regardless of which Miami Campus you attend, you MUST take KNH 182: Introduction to Athletic Training during your FIRST year. This is the introductory course for the major and is only offered on the OXFORD Campus.