Combined Bachelors of Science and Master of Science in Sport Leadership & Management

SLAM lecture

Program Description

The combined program in Sport Leadership allows students to begin working toward a Master’s degree as they finish their undergraduate degree. For students admitted into the combined program, 12 hours of 500/600 level courses can be double counted toward the B.S. and M.S. The degree may be obtained in 5 years or less, particularly if students bring advanced standing credit into the Bachelors degree. This combined program prepares students to succeed in leadership positions in the sport industry (recreational to professional, youth to adult) by providing them with knowledge and skills to critically analyze and innovatively engage in the business and culture of sport. Students will be prepared to pursue leadership roles in athletic administration, student-athlete development, higher education, coaching, or positions in sport agencies.

Undergraduate Preparation

The combined program is designed for Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) undergraduate majors. Students from other undergraduate majors may be considered pending review by a SLAM faculty advisor. At the time of application, candidates should have completed all Miami Plan foundation courses toward the B.S. degree. By the end of the first semester senior year, candidates should have completed all Sport Leadership core requirements in SLAM, and have completed a minimum total of 112 credit hours toward the B.S. degree.

Declaration of Interest

Students may declare their interest in enrolling in a combined program anytime during their academic career at Miami, from the time they are admitted for an undergraduate degree.

Full Admission

Upon earning a minimum of 64 credit hours and having a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater, students may apply for admission to the combined program. Regular time-limits for completing the master’s degree apply to students in a combined program (see the Graduate School Policies for more information).  The program does accept part-time students.

Undergraduate students who either are enrolled in a combined Bachelor’s-Master’s degree program or have been granted Permission to Enroll in Graduate Courses may enroll in graduate-level coursework for designated degree programs offered on the Oxford campus at their guaranteed tuition rate until their 8 semester Cohort period expires. Please note that taking graduate courses could affect eligibility for certain types of financial aid. For more information on the financial implications of enrollment in a combined program, please contact the OneStop.

Application Procedures

  • Apply to a combined bachelors/masters program by completing the online application and paying the $50 application fee. Be sure to check “combined program.” Students should complete the graduate application and submit three letters of recommendation, official Miami transcripts, and a statement of interest to the Sport Leadership and Management department by February 1st of each academic year, to the 
Department of Sport Leadership and Management, 123 Laws Hall Oxford, Ohio 45056 Attn: Director of Graduate Studies
  • Admitted students will be assigned a graduate faculty advisor within the SLAM combined program. Students admitted to the program should be aware that in the fifth (graduate) year their academic progress is evaluated using the performance standards expected of all graduate students