Educator Licensure

Teacher/Professional Licensure Information

You will need to wait until all requirements have been met before submitting your Ohio license application. Apply online for the initial four-year resident educator license.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure their background checks are current when applying for a license.

For online license application assistance, you may contact the Office of Educator Licensure – Ohio Department of Education.

The license application approval process requires many steps such as completion of graduation, notification of license application on file, candidate’s record review by Miami and ODE. Miami will recommend the candidate for licensure to ODE. During high volume times (end of a semester) the approval period may take longer.

*Teacher/Professional licensing requirements are subject to change. Please check appropriate state's board of education website for the most up-to-date licensure requirements.

Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE)

Visit Ohio Assessments for Educators to find the required Ohio educator licensure assessments.

When taking your exams, request to have your scores sent electronically to ODE and Miami University.

It is very important for you to maintain a copy of your scores.


For information about obtaining transcripts, you may visit Miami's One Stop. Choose “Transcripts”.

Miami University Local Professional Development Committee (MULPDC)

For over a decade, EHS has housed a Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) – Recognized by the Ohio Department of Education – to support Miami community members who need a local organization to recognize and legitimate their efforts toward professional development that leads to the continuation of licensure and certification.

The MULPDC is a flexible, professional organization oriented towards the needs of a talented, diverse pool of practitioners interested in maintaining their professional status in fields related to their current work and necessary for their continued personal and professional growth across careers and institutions. All full and part-time faculty and staff on all of Miami’s campuses my participate in the MULPDC.

The purpose of the MULPDC is to review professional development activities completed by full and part-time educators and staff within the University that are to be used for the renewal of certificates and licenses. The MULPDC does not issue certificates or licenses; that authority is solely reserved for the Ohio Department of Education.

See our statement of purpose and guidelines for requesting CEUs for the purpose of renewing Ohio credentials.

For more information contact Tom Poetter, MULPDC Chair at