This handbook has been prepared by the faculty of the Miami University School Psychology Program to assist graduate students in understanding the policies, expectations, and standards of the program. It should also prove helpful in planning the students' educational program of study.

It is important to note that these policies and procedures are more specific than the general policies of the Graduate School or the University. This handbook is meant as a supplement to the Miami University Graduate Bulletin, the Miami University Graduate School Handbook, and The Graduate School Thesis and Dissertation Guide. These documents are all available through the Graduate School website at http://www.miamioh.edu/graduate-school/forms-publications/index.html. Students and their advisors are urged to refer to these documents for clarification and/or for additional information in areas that are not addressed by these program guidelines.

This handbook was prepared by the faculty members of the school psychology program and replaces all earlier versions of the Handbook. It is our hope that it will be helpful to students. Comments and suggestions for improvement are actively solicited and should be directed to the current School Psychology Program Director.