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Although not an actual classroom experience, our podcast series often discuss ideas and research that relate to the programs in EHS. We hope you’ll explore a few and get a sense of the topics and issues you might be interested in learning more about during your time at Miami. It’s also a great way to hear from some of our faculty and students. Enjoy! *Transcripts are available on YouTube.

Educators for Tomorrow

At Miami, our education programs can help you to earn Ohio licensure in many areas from Primary Education, Middle Childhood Education and Adolescent and Young Adult Education to Inclusive Special Education and Foreign Language Education.  In addition, we also have an Education Studies program for students not looking to become a licensed teacher who works in the classroom, but is instead interested in exploring educational policy and other issues surrounding families, health, wellness and justice. If you are interested in an education field, listen to the podcast episodes below to learn more about the many issues facing educators in today’s world.

Educate 8:46 Episode 1: Education as an Act of Self-Determination (Denise Taliaferro Baszile) 8:47

On the debut episode of Educate 8:46, Miami University Professor Dr. Denise Taliaferro Baszile explains why education is ultimately an act of self-determination that can lead us to a more equitable society. The purpose of education, in a revolutionary sense, she says, is to seek to know better. So that we might be better. So that we might do better. So that we might collectively breathe forth a new, more just world.

Major Insight – Empowering Others Through Education and Democracy (student Megan Cremeans) 13:14

Megan Cremeans wants to cause social and political change by exploring the ways in which democracy and education are inseparably intertwined. As an integrated social studies education and political science major, she uses applied policy to find practical ways to fight inequality and injustice, especially in schools where she researches public school funding disparities in Ohio.

On this episode, Megan also talks about representing and empowering students across campus, her rewarding experiences as a student teacher, and how college has helped her become a better leader.

Reframe Ep 47 - Urban Cohort Inspires Radical Empathy and Social Change (Tammy Schwartz) 10:09

Empowerment is for everyone. This idea is championed by those who take action, get involved, and try to make a difference. And at Miami, these ideals are embodied by a program called the Urban Cohort. And what makes this program so unique is how it’s grounded in community life in very, very real ways.

A Healthy You

The Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health has excellent programs of study in Kinesiology, Public Health, Nutrition and Dietetics. What sets us apart is our emphasis on undergraduate education. Miami faculty work with students in local, regional, national and international teaching, research, and service projects, giving students hands-on experiences that prepare them for exciting and rewarding careers in health fields. Even as a first-year student you will have the opportunity to be taught by and work alongside faculty who are teachers, clinicians, and scholars with national and international reputations. Our inclusion of societal and cultural forces that affect health and performance provides important perspectives that complement students’ understanding of health disparities and performance differences. If you are thinking about a career in a health profession, listen to the podcasts featuring some of our faculty members and explore some of the issues and research that you might study as a student in the KNH Department.

Reframe Ep 71: Why Even a Little Exercise Goes a Long Way (Kyle Timmerman) 11:54

New studies are showing that getting the recommended amount of physical activity can be a lot easier than you may think. On this episode, guest host Amanda Valentine from the Pound This podcast speaks with Miami University Associate Professor Dr. Kyle Timmerman about the surprising benefits even a little exercise can bring. 

They also talk about all the buzz around inflammation, why it can be both good and bad, and about setting reasonable physical activity goals, adjusting our perceptions of what being healthy really means, and more.

Reframe Ep 67 – Helping Kids Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (Paul Branscum) 14:42

For many of us, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages is a daily ritual. But many public health professionals are now showing a growing concern over the consumption of these drinks, especially when it comes to children.

On this episode, two public health researchers discuss the changing cultural trends around how we consume and view sugar-sweetened beverages, as well as how parents can help their children make healthier choices.

Reframe Ep 17 - New Oxford Community Garden Plants Seeds of Change (Beth Miller) 9:57

In this episode, we talk with Beth Miller, an assistant professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a founding member of the Institute for Food, where she helps people gain access to healthy foods by linking together Miami's organic farm, the local food pantry, and various community gardening initiatives.

Sports and More Sports

EHS’ newest department, the Department of  Sport Leadership and Management, affectionately known as SLAM, houses one of the most popular majors and several minors on campus. This stems from our passion for sport, innovative new programs, such as, Sport Analytics, Esports Management, Sport Psychology, and our commitment to provide an exceptional college experience for our students. Our highly engaged faculty and unique partnerships with other academic units across Miami’s campus provide SLAM students with one of the best undergraduate sport programs in the country. If you are interested in any aspect of sport, check out these podcasts featuring our faculty and alumni to learn more about the range of issues covered in the SLAM programs.

Reframe Ep 73 – How eSports Now Parallel Traditional Sports (alum- Sam Ford) 12:56

The line between traditional sports and esports is blurring. As competitive video gaming becomes a lucrative global phenomena and a popular form of mainstream entrainment, the esports industry is beginning to mirror the ways in which traditional sports organizations operate. On this episode, we explore the emerging career paths now available in esports, and why video games are evolving beyond what they were just a few years ago.

Reframe Ep 63 – The Trouble with Mascots (Sam Morris) 13:41 

School Mascots can create a shared identity and foster a sense of loyalty among fans and communities. But some mascots -- especially those that may be viewed as stereotypical or insensitive to cultural subgroups -- can also cause controversy.
This issue recently caused a deep rift throughout a local school district in Ohio, where a debate around a Native American mascot became a fascinating story that touched upon moral psychology, the importance of local politics, and the ways in which other schools can navigate similar challenges.

Reframe Ep 70 – Build an Achieving Mentality with Sport Psychology (Robin Vealey) 12:01

It’s a conversation about sports psychology with Dr. Robin Vealey, a professor in Miami University’s new department of sport leadership and management. As one of the leading researchers in this field, Dr. Vealey explains how sport psychology is used among athletes and coaches to improve performance and increase motivation. But it can also help all of us achieve more and perform better in all kinds of ways. It can help people deal with high stress jobs, overcome performance anxiety, build confidence, increase focus, and more.

The Helping Professions

The Department of Family Science and Social Work (FSW) is committed to promoting a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected relationships between theory, research, and practice (e.g., prevention, intervention) by incorporating knowledge, values, and skills from the fields of social work, human development, and family science. Students who complete our academic programs seek careers in social work, child life, family life education, human services, counseling, and therapy. The curriculum focuses on real-world challenges that individuals, families, and communities face in a rapidly changing society.  If you are interested in the variety of helping profession careers, listen to the podcasts below to learn more about the vast array of careers and interests that our graduates pursue.

Reframe Episode 69 – Everybody Wins: Youth Mentoring that Brings Whole Communities Together (alum Tim Pehlke) 10:39

Mentorship can mean a lot more than simply being a positive presence in the lives of children. Today, it’s also about addressing a variety of social issues by building the kinds of relationships that engage youth in relevant new ways.

On this episode, we speak with Tim Pehlke, a program design manager with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, who’s work on innovative programs such as Bigs in Blue shows how youth mentorship can be a win-win for entire communities.

Ep 52 How Autism Affects Family Life (Tracy Settleberry) 6:10

A disability can affect entire families in ways that are not yet well understood. While much has been done to understand how people as individuals are impacted, some researchers are now starting to look at how a single diagnosis or a disability can spread outward, to impact the lives of everyone in a family.

Ep 30 – How to Help Transgender Children Thrive (Kate Kuvalanka) 9:31

Today, many transgender issues are gaining more attention, but this awareness has not yet resolved many of the complexities and challenges that so many of these individuals face. But in this episode, we’ll learn about new research is starting to help parents, families, and community members better understand how to help children who identity as being trans and gender non-conforming live emotionally healthier and happier lives.

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The premise of Educate 8:46 is simple--what can we teach and learn in 8 minutes and 46 seconds (the amount of time that officer Derrick Chauvin had his knee on the neck of George Floyd) that can support the struggle against white supremacy and anti-blackness and all related inter-systemic injustices.