student at a nutrition internship student at a nutrition internship

EHS students may benefit from one or more internship opportunities during their time as an undergraduate, as future employers highly value relevant work experience outside of the classroom.

Miami's Internship Application process is designed to:

  1. Help the university track the number and types of internships students are completing.
  2. Ensure that all internships can be noted on transcripts.

The process requires:

In EHS, all students completing internships must complete the internship application through the Center for Career Exploration and Success.

All internships whether extra-curricular, co-curricular, or curricular require that students initiate the application through the CCES. The application will then bounce to the faculty advisor who will complete and approve.

If the internship is required for completion of the degree program, the faculty advisor/instructor must also complete a Memorandum of Understanding for each internship site.

For details on internship types and requirements please see the University Internship Policy.

Advantages of internships include:

• Gaining "real world" perspective in a position where potential employers can see you in action

• Accumulating new skills and developing a sense of workforce expectations

• Enhanced ability to apply classroom coursework to the position

• Chances to network with professionals in the field and establish relationships with mentors

• Possible college credit

Some examples of companies/organizations that our students have interned with include but are not limited to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Cincinnati Bengals, the YMCA, hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, schools, social services centers, and more!

For more information about internships, please visit Miami University's Center for Career Exploration and Success website.