Student Teaching and Field Experiences

Each student in the teacher education program participates with a cohort group in classes, field experiences, and student teaching according to his/her subject area and grade level. Student teaching is the pinnacle of the teacher education program and provides the "bridge" between college life and a teaching career.

Student Teaching

Student teaching has been an integral part of the teacher education program at Miami since its inception in 1951. All students seeking teacher licensure engage in student teaching over a period of sixteen weeks. Student teaching occurs in partner schools that provide practical learning experiences, authentic teaching conditions, and professional guidance. The student teaching program is founded on an expanding knowledge base about teaching and learning in the clinical field context. Our graduates report that their student teaching experience is challenging, intellectually demanding, and instrumental in preparing them for the real world of teaching.

Student Teaching applications are due during the November prior to the school year you will be student teaching in. Please email Molly Sawyer,, for an application or more information.

International Student Teaching

Miami has one of the few teacher education programs in the nation that offers an international student teaching alternative for students in teacher licensure programs. University guidelines are the same for students who are teaching abroad or locally. International student teaching provides a global perspective while fulfilling your requirements for licensure. The tuition for teaching abroad is the same as it would be locally. Other expenses vary depending on the location, amount of personal travel, and the rate of exchange for the U.S. dollar.

The current offering includes Europe, based in Luxembourg, during the fall semester and Ireland.

The application process of these programs includes several steps and begins approximately 1 year prior to student teaching. Students are required to attend introductory seminars in the fall, complete a Student Teaching Abroad application, submit a resume, 2 reference letters from faculty familiar with classroom performance, a copy of the DAR, and other program-specific documents. Students must also participate in an individual interview with the Director of International Studies and the Director of Clinical and Field Experiences. Attendance at planning seminars is required.

*Please note that locations and programs are subject to change based on enrollment as well as the current political and social climate.

International Student Teaching Application:

Interested in applying? Contact Molly Sawyer at for an application.

Field Experiences

One of the strengths of Miami’s teacher education program is the opportunity for early field experiences. Depending upon your program, you’ll be placed in classrooms in your first or second year of study. By the time you’re ready for student teaching, you’ll have had a variety of placements appropriate to your licensure. You’ll have had opportunities to work with students in different settings. Our clinical field experience coordinators work with area school personnel to set up the placements for you. Your professors will work to ensure that your placements provide the real-world experiences that enhance your professional development. Check with your department for any forms you may need.

Urban Cohort

The Urban Cohort is an award-winning, community-based approach to teacher education. Miami faculty and Urban Cohort students collaborate with high-need schools and community-based organizations to prepare teachers who are grounded in the life of the community. Students apply spring semester of their freshman year.

To learn more about Urban Cohort, please visit