III. Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee

ARTICLE I: The Mission of the Committee 

1.1: GENERAL MISSION: The Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee is responsible to the Divisional Faculty for reviewing all undergraduate student petitions and appeals generated in the Division for any exception to the academic regulations of the Division or of the University. 


1.21: The Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee considers student petitions from the divisional undergraduate departments and provides appropriate action to approve or deny these petitions. Where University academic regulations are considered, recommendations of the Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee are forwarded to and acted upon by the Inter-Divisional Committee of Advisors.

ARTICLE 2: The Operational Structure of the Committee

2.1: MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee may consist of one full-time faculty member from each of the Division's departments offering undergraduate programs, and the Director of Clinical Experiences. Length of membership is for a staggered two-year academic term according to each department's procedures. 

2.2: ADMINISTRATIVE REPRESENTATION: As designate of the Dean, the Director of Student Services shall serve as Chair and an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Committee. The Chair will convene the committee and serve as recorder of minutes. Essential secretarial assistance with the agenda, minutes, and the processing of student petitions will be provided by the Dean’s office support staff. 

2.3: ALTERNATE REPRESENTATIVE(S): Each department shall also identify an alternate department representative who may vote in the representative's absence. In the event that both department representatives are absent from a Committee meeting, the department chair may designate a special alternate to represent the department and vote at that meeting.

2.4: MEETINGS: The Dean's designate shall serve as Chair for the Committee.

2.41: REGULAR MEETING TIMES: The Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee shall meet at a regularly scheduled time that will occur prior to the meetings of the Inter-Divisional Committee of Advisors. 

2.42: SPECIAL SESSIONS: Special sessions of the Committee may be called by the Chair when business necessitates.

2.5: QUORUM: A quorum is present when a simple majority of the voting representatives or their appointed alternates are in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting or a special session. 

2.6: AGENDA AND ORDER OF BUSINESS: The Chair will prepare each petition for action by the Committee. Petitions to be heard by the Committee must be submitted to the Chair in a timely manner in advance of the meeting. 

2.7: VOTING: A majority vote consists of a simple majority on any motion before the Committee. The Chair will record the results of the voting as approved, denied or tabled.

ARTICLE 3: Appeals Procedures:

A student may request a reconsideration of a previous committee action. The student should file a new petition containing new evidence. The Chair of the Committee may limit the number of reconsiderations when, in the opinion of the Chair, it is warranted. The Committee's decision is final at the divisional level. 

3.1: APPEALS OF DEPARTMENT PETITIONS: Student may appeal department level decisions to the divisional committee.

ARTICLE 4: Reporting Committee Action: 

4.1: MINUTES: Minutes of each meeting of the Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee will be recorded by the Chair. These minutes will consist of a record of actions by the committee on each petition. 

4.2: REPORT TO DEPARTMENTS/ADVISORS/STUDENTS: Following Committee action on an item, the Chair shall so inform the party/parties accordingly. 

4.3: REPORTS TO DIVISIONAL FACULTY: On behalf of the committee, the Chair will submit a summary of the committee's academic year's actions each year. This report will be submitted to the Dean of the College of Education, Health and Society for transmission to the faculty and others if so warranted. The Dean's office is responsible for archiving these documents.

ARTICLE 5: Operational Procedures 


5.11: The Divisional Undergraduate Petitions Committee is responsible for reviewing all undergraduate student petitions and appeals generated in the Division for any exception to the academic regulations of the Division or of the University. Periodically the Committee shall review the petition procedures for their appropriateness, consistency, and effectiveness for the purpose of making recommendations to the Divisional Faculty and the department(s) concerned regarding their possible action. The Committee may appoint subcommittees or hold hearings in order to accomplish this task. 


5.21: The Committee shall review student petitions regarding Divisional academic regulations and requirements for the purpose of approving or denying them, then forwarding its action to the Inter-Divisional Committee of Advisors when appropriate. 

5.22: The Committee shall review only those petitions that are submitted on the correct forms and with proper support or verification materials. Other petitions will be returned for resubmission on the correct forms or for proper documentation. Correct forms are available from the Dean's office. Petitions must be signed by the appropriate individuals.

5.23: The Chair will review petitions when faculty is unavailable for a regular meeting by polling the Committee or their alternates as needed. Polling during the summer months or at other times when face to face meeting is impossible may be done by email or telephone if necessary .The names and responses of each Committee member contacted will be recorded for the record. When a simple majority has voted the same way on the issue, polling may cease. When a simple majority of committee members is not available, the Chair, with consultation with an Associate Dean, is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Committee. Minutes and actions will be reported at the next regular meeting. 

Last revised April 2009.