Introduce Students to the ELLWC

Learning to write in a new language is about more than acquiring new vocabulary and grammatical structures. This learning consists of internalizing new values, rhetorical preferences, and conventions shaped by a new culture. This is as true for elementary school students as for college students and adult learners. At the ELL Writing Center, we aim to enhance multilingual writers’ awareness of rhetorical assumptions and expectations prevailing in U.S. academic culture and create multiple opportunities for students to engage their writing skills in new rhetorical contexts.

Include a Statement about the ELLWC in a Syllabus

The Howe Writing Center (HWC) and English Language Learner Writing Center (ELLWC) recognize that all writers have more to learn and provide free support to Miami students and alumni in this work. The HWC offers help with academic, personal, and professional writing at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming to polishing. The ELLWC offers more specialized help for students whose first language is not English, and who need particular assistance with grammar, word usage, style, and punctuation. Neither the HWC nor the ELLWC will edit your work; both will help students develop better strategies for invention, revision, and self-editing. Please visit our websites for more information, and to sign up for either on-campus appointments (HWC and ELLWC) or online appointments.  

Invite an ELLWC Consultant to Class

In a short 15-minute session, an ELLWC consultant will 

  • clarify the ELLWC’s goals and services (face-to-face and online consultations)
  • make clear how students can get the most benefit from the ELLWC
  • explain how to find our locations on campus
  • demonstrate how to use our scheduling system
  • help to create accounts and schedule appointments

Your request must be submitted at least one week in advance. It will be satisfied based on consultant availability. You will receive a response within a few days.

Submit a Class Visit Request