Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Enrollment Management & Student Success Inclusive Excellence Committee

The EMSS Inclusive Excellence Committee was formed in 2020 and is comprised of representatives from multiple EMSS offices. The Committee was charged with:
  • Finding and organizing an assessment to understand our existing values, cultural competencies, and determine deficits
  • Developing, guiding, and fostering EMSS diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Assisting with creating an immediate action plan that provides training and competency building that fills the existing gaps
  • Gathering, disseminating, and promoting information on existing campus events, training, and lectures that promote diversity and inclusion

Committee Members

Jen Benz, Assistant Vice President, Career Exploration & Success, Co-Chair
Ron Blassingame, Financial Aid Counselor, Student Financial Assistance
Sandy Burger, Administrative Associate, Career Exploration & Success
Glenn Ellerbe Jr, Technical Support Manager, EMSS Technology Services
Tonya George, Student Services Technician, Registrar
Kathy Gutheil, Director, Office of International & Transfer Admission
Jerrad Harrison, Interim Director, One Stop Services
Sarah Matthews, Data Analyst, Enrollment Management & Student Success
Jonika Moore, Senior Associate Director of Diversity Initiatives, Admission, Co-Chair

Events, Trainings, and Speakers

EMSS Racial Equity Dialogue Series: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow at Miami

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Thoughtful dialogue can acknowledge differences of perspectives while inviting empathy, questions that lead to conversation, and a resolve to jointly solve a problem. We aimed to provide a space for intergroup dialogue within the EMSS division, to help staff individually and collectively develop a shared understanding about racism and racial equity, and to provide resources that will foster effective allyship at Miami University.

EMSS staff were required to attend four sessions and engage with content surrounding Miami’s current and future DEI efforts to implement transformative change.

Cultural Intelligence Assessment and group facilitation with Carolyn Craig

March/April 2021