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Montage of Miami University Alumni in a Career Panel held on November 14 at 5:30 p.m. at 152 Shideler Hall Montage of Miami University Alumni in a Career Panel held on November 14 at 5:30 p.m. at 152 Shideler Hall

On November 14,
learn from and engage with 9 Miami alumni from these industry areas through a career panel and breakout sessions.


  • 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.
    Panel Discussion at 152 Shideler Hall
  • 7 – 8 p.m.
    Round Table at 32 Shideler Hall. Meet directly with panelists. Light refreshments provided.


Geology & Environmental Earth Science

photo of Devin Boyarko

Devin Boyarko

Exploration Earth Scientist
Devin has been working in the oil and gas industry as an Exploration Earth Scientist with Chevron since 2012. His focus over the last 5+ years has been centered on exploration and appraisal activities in the offshore Brazil Campos-Santos Basin Presalt Play and management of data science projects aimed to improve characterization and prediction of reservoir presence and quality from seismic and well data.

photo of Mindy Thomas

Mindy Thomas

Lake Erie Geologist
Mindy Thomas currently works for the Ohio Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, as the Lake Erie Geologist. Her primary projects for the state include mapping the extensive erosion along the Lake Erie coastline, monitoring building projects on the coast, and working on the state's research vessel, the Erigan, imaging the bottom of nearshore Lake Erie collecting side-scan sonar, bathymetry, and sub-bottom profiles to track sediment changes and migration along the coastline in high priority areas.

photo of Amanda Sellers

Amanda Sellers

Associate Environmental Scientist
Amanda Sellers works in the environmental consulting industry as an Associate Environmental Scientist for Jacobs Engineering. She supports both federal and private client projects, providing environmental and technical solutions for contaminated sites. Additionally, she is a Talent Supervisor who supports hiring and the career development for junior and mid-level staff.


photo of Brad Kasberg

Brad Kasberg

Sustainable Landscape Specialist
Brad consults on renewable energy and infrastructure projects across the country. He engages with stakeholders to assess socio-cultural opportunities and barriers to adopting emerging energy technology. He also explores indigenous and multi-cultural perspectives and policies to sustainable energy initiatives.

photo of Tamaliyapo Mphande

Tamaliyapo Mphande

Director of Development
Tamaliyapo is a nonprofit professional who currently raises funds and resources for Zora’s House — a community space and leadership incubator for women of color in Central Ohio. Her work entails strategic planning and partnerships, supporting equitable community development, and redesigning philanthropy to be more community centered and inclusive.

photo of David Moore

David Moore

Director of Community Engagement
David serves as the Director of Community Engagement at Artspace. He advocates for artists and cultural workers, engaging Raleigh's growing mosaic of communities through art education, events, and public meetings. Additionally, he spearheads neighborhood-based placemaking projects.

Institute for the Environment and Sustainability

photo of Kate Moran

Kate Moran

Environmental Scientist
Kate has been an environmental scientist for almost 5 years with CDM Smith. Her career has led her to managing a stormwater district, delineating wetlands and performing threatened and endangered species surveys across the country. She also works with manufacturing plants to reduce adverse impacts to local fish populations, writing biological assessments for FEMA, and helping to design fish habitats for restoration projects.

photo of Rory Kaip

Rory Kaip

Staff Scientist III
Since joining Verdantas in 2017, Rory has been part of the Sustainability Practice Group where he currently focuses on coordinating renewable energy projects and designing commercial scale solar arrays. Additionally, Rory manages Verdantas' GIS services for the Great Lakes Region and provides spatial analysis, data management, field support, and mapping for a wide variety of projects.

photo of Jeff Wedgeworth

Jeff Wedgeworth

Technical Manager
Jeff leads the One Energy Analytics (OEA) team's data and modeling efforts, as well as an array of energy consulting projects. He works as an analyst, problem solver, and educator in the energy sector — particularly for renewable energy. He has consulted for organizations in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors, providing strategies that manage customer risk and support their bottom line.

Partner Organization


logo for Miami Environmental Professionals AssociationStudent Organization — MEPA

The Miami Environmental Professionals Association (MEPA) is a professional student organization that is geared toward helping students and young environmental professionals gain confidence in themselves and their future career.