Presidential Series

Presidential Career & Leadership Series

The Future of Work

Developments in technology, artificial intelligence and other innovations are impacting how we will work, where we will work and the skills needed to work. Thus, the work-world is changing and experiencing revolutionary and transformational developments. President Gregory Crawford and the Center for Career Exploration and Success presents the 2nd Annual Presidential Career & Leadership Series: "The Future of Work". The 2021 series will promote awareness of new realities related to the job market, prepare students for jobs ahead and provide students with the tools to create a path from college to work for career success.

An Invitation from President Crawford

Greg Crawford"At Miami University, we value preparing students to be competitive in a global market. One way the Center for Career Exploration and Success fulfills this mission is through the Presidential Career & Leadership Series (PCLS). This series is designed to benefit all students by offering several different topics in a variety of formats and engage students in the overall concept of "the future of work" and how to prepare for it. The future of work is you! Participate in the Presidential Career & Leadership Series (PCLS) and elevate your career and professional trajectory; and receive a merit badge for your accomplishments." Dr. Greg Crawford, President