Setting up a Vendor

Documentation Based on Type of Vendor
Vendor Type Residency Documents (Required) Documents (Optional)
Company Domestic W-9 ACH Direct Deposit
Company Foreign W-8BEN-E Wire Information
Non-Miami Individual Domestic W-9 ACH Direct Deposit
Non-Miami Individual Foreign W-8BEN Wire Information
Student/Staff/Faculty Member Any None AP Direct Deposit

Paying an Individual

Documentation Based on Payment Type
Payment Type Documentation (Required) Documentation (Optional)
Honorarium Professional Services Agreement, OPERS Pamphlet from event
Other Services Professional Services Agreement, OPERS None
Prize/Award None
Reimbursement Reimbursement Certification and Approval Form, Itemized receipt. Hosting Form (if applicable), copy of bank statement.
Research Subject Participation Human Research Subject Payment form None
Stipend Professional Services Agreement, OPERS None




Human Research