University Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) provide departments with real-time access and convenience to conduct small-dollar purchases.

In general, departments should use P-Cards for pre-payment and online purchases, including:

  • Goods under $1,500 (e.g., subscriptions, books, professional dues)
  • Travel expenses (e.g., conference registrations, airline ticket purchases)
  • Hosting expenses (e.g., taking a guest lecturer out to dinner)

All capabilities, limitations, and restrictions are covered in the P-Card section of the Purchasing Policy. 

Access Chrome River

Review, reconcile, and approve through Chrome River.

Dispute charges or view declined transactions through Works.

Roles and Responsibilities

University employees who handle P-Cards hold one of the following roles:

  • Cardholders use P-Cards to make purchases that will be charged to specific account funds.
  • Delegates reconcile cardholder purchases, charging them to appropriate fund accounts and then recording all documentation for each purchase.
  • Approvers review and approve reconciled P-Card payments.

To become a P-Card Cardholder, Delegate, or Approver, follow these steps:

Review the P-Card Policy

P-Card Policies

Review the P-Card Policy to learn about the P-Card's capabilities, limitations, and restrictions.

Complete P-Card Training

P-Card Training

You must complete P-Card training in order to become a cardholder, reconciler, or approver.

Request a

Cardholder Application

Complete this form to request to be a P-Card cardholder, delegate, or approver. You must complete training first.


  • Missing Receipt Affidavit: Submit this in place of any missing receipts when uploading reconciliation documentation into the easy image uploader.
  • P-Card Increase Request: This form allows you to request a monthly or transaction limit increase for your P-Card.
  • Reimbursing for Personal Purchases: Complete this form when a cardholder accidentally makes a personal purchase/charge using a P-Card. This form help us identify the personal charge so you can pay the University back and reconcile the deposit.