About IACS

Roudebush administrative building and front lawn.

Internal Audit and Consulting Services (IACS) reports directly to the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, which oversees the planning, execution, and results of internal audit activities.

IACS staff provide independent and objective assurance and consulting services to academic and administrative units. IACS serves all divisions and locations of Miami University, including the European Center in Luxembourg.

Methodologies and Projects

Using a systematic approach and Lean methodologies, IACS staff work with management to identify risks, analyze financial and operational information, and evaluate crucial processes. With a value-added mindset, we make recommendations for the improvement of internal control and operations to help the University achieve its goals and objectives.

IACS performs auditing and consulting projects that typically focus on compliance, financial, information technology, or operations. The purpose, authority, and responsibility of our internal audit activity are formally defined in the internal audit charter.


The IACS office is located in 4 Roudebush Hall, Oxford, Ohio, 45056.