Strategic Planning for Purchases

Departments should provide us with sufficient lead time to identify and execute the appropriate sourcing method.

The Office of Strategic Procurement will work with departments to obtain the required goods or services in as expedited a manner as possible in accordance with applicable procurement laws. Departments should not contact suppliers regarding large dollar purchases independent of the Office of Strategic Procurement.

Goods and Services Costing Over $25,000

During the annual budgeting process, departments should notify the Chief Procurement Officer of upcoming planned purchases of goods and services during the next budget cycle that will equal or exceed $25,000 and which cannot be acquired through listed catalog vendors or existing contracts.

Goods and/or services exceeding $25,000 that are not available as a catalog or existing contract purchase must be procured by completing a Bid Request - Products or Services form or a Sole Source Justification form in Buyway. These forms are subject to the review and approval of the Office of Strategic Procurement.

Recurring Goods and Services

Departments with recurring needs for acquiring particular goods or services should notify the Office of Strategic Procurement to employ strategic procurement leveraging opportunities and other contract negotiation strategies in procuring such goods or services.