Laura Buonopane

Laura Buonopane head shot

Laura Buonopane (Crosley) graduated in 2010 with a Business Economics degree from Miami. She is currently the Director of Network Strategy & Operations at Lululemon.

  • Has COVID affected your every day work life? If so, how? Yes, I currently work remotely from home – previously I worked in our Vancouver HQ office, and traveled globally frequently as my work is in global supply chain – on average around 1-2 trips per month – so it’s a very different day-to-day now!
  • What are some ways this new way of life has benefited the way you look at your daily work operations? Realized my team can truly still get everything done while working remotely – though Zoom does not replace face-to-face connection
  • Has doing more virtual meetings, etc, shown to be more beneficial to how you can be productive in your daily activities? I may be old school but I still prefer in-person meetings
  • Once COVID has slowed down do you think this will affect your future way of continuing to do your work? Yes, for myself and my team – we will likely transition to a hybrid working model as many companies are considering, working in office a few days and from home a few days – Greatest benefit of this is flexibility. We’ll likely need to slowly ease back into our global travel routines as well
  • Has having an Eco degree benefited you during this time? My team and I have done more scenario analysis than ever given uncertainty in the market – which in many ways leans on economic principles and skillsets