Brian Osgood

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Brian Osgood

Brian Osgood graduated from Miami in 1978 with a BA in Economics. He is currently the Executive Director- Equity Derivative Sales and Trading at UBS. He is also a current member of the Economics Advisory Board.

  • Has COVID affected your everyday work life? If so, how? I moved away from the main office in NYC to a satellite office in Stamford CT. It has been a major improvement to my situation as my commute has been cut to nearly nothing but I still have access to co-workers as well as technical assistance when needed. Obviously, there is zero travel and next to no outside meetings so there is a "rinse and repeat" tone to each day.
  • What are some ways this new way of life has benefited the way you look at your daily work operations?
    • Better commute
    • Better dress code (way more casual)
    • More flexibility in scheduling outside activities
  • Has doing more virtual meetings, etc, shown to be more beneficial to how you can be productive in your daily activities? Not so much, but it has stressed the importance of reaching out to clients to keep the lines of communication open and working.
  • Once COVID has slowed down do you think this will affect your future way of continuing to do your work? I certainly hope so J There is an ongoing study to figure out the optimal real estate mix and distribution of employees.
  • Has having an Eco degree benefited you during this time? I would say that no more than other times in my career