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 Dr. Tim Holcomb talking to an entrepreneurship class

predominantly purple cover of the academy of management journal from 2012The department of entrepreneurship is committed to producing high-quality research published in leading academic journals including Academy of Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Organizational Research Methods, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Strategic Management Journal that advance all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Provided is a partial list of forthcoming and accepted publications produced by the Institute’s faculty over the last five years.


Long Range Planning
Cannatelli, B.*, Smith, B.*, Guidici, A., Jones, J. & Conger, M. (forthcoming). An expanded model of distributed leadership in organizational knowledge creation in social entrepreneurship. Long Range Planning. *The first two authors contributed equally.

Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Knapp, J., Smith, B. & Sprinkle, T. (forthcoming). Is it the job or the support? The relative importance of job characteristics and perceived organizational support for nonprofit employee retention and satisfaction. Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Organization Studies
Qureshi, I, Sutter, C, & Bhatt, B. Boundary Objects, Boundary Workers, and the Transformative Power of Knowledge Sharing (Forthcoming). Organization Studies.

Journal of Business Venturing
Sutter, C.; Webb, J.; Kistruck, G.; Ketchen, D.; & Ireland, D. (Forthcoming) Transitioning Entrepreneurs from Informal to Formal Markets. Journal of Business Venturing.


Annals of Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy – 2018, 3rd Edition
Smith, B. R. & Holcomb, T.R. (2018). Innovating on and beyond campus: Entrepreneurship at Miami University. In C. H. Matthews (Ed.), Annals of Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy – 2018, 3rd Edition. Northampton, MA: Edwin Elgar Publishing.

Journal of World Business
Holmes, R. M., Hoskisson, R. E., Kim, H., Wan, W. P., Holcomb, T. R. (2018). International strategy and business groups: A review and future research agenda. Journal of World Business, 53(2), 134-150. Lead article for special issue on the Growth and Internationalization of Business Groups. Journal Impact Factor Score: 3.758/4.541 (ranked #22 out of 121 business journals in ISI Social Science Citation Index). ISI Citations: NA; Google Scholar Citations: 2.


Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
Jones, Jessica, Brett Smith, Michael Conger. 2017. “Now We See In a Mirror, Dimly: Co-construction of Image and Identity in Nascent Hybrid Organizations.” In press at Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research.

Journal of Business Venturing
Conger, Michael, Jeffery S. McMullen, Brian J. Bergman Jr., Jeffrey G. York. 2017. “Category Membership, Identity Control, and the Reevaluation of Prosocial Opportunities.” In press at Journal of Business Venturing

Journal of International Business Studies
Young, Susan, Chris Welter, Michael Conger. 2017. “Stability vs. Flexibility: The Effect of Regulatory Institutions on Opportunity Type.” In press at Journal of International Business Studies

Strategic Management Journal
Steinbach, A., Holcomb, T. R., Devers, C. E., Cannella, A. A., & Holmes, R. M. (2017). Top management team incentive heterogeneity, strategic investment behavior, and performance: A contingency theory of interest alignment. Strategic Management Journal, 38(8), 1701- 1720. FT50 Journal; Journal Impact Factor Score: 4.461/6.652 (ranked #14 out of 121 business journals in ISI Social Science Citation Index). ISI Citations: NA; Google Scholar Citations: 12.


Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
York, Jeffrey G., Siddharth Vedula, Michael Conger, David R. Hekman. 2016 “Green to Gone?: How Institutional Logics Impact the Survival of Social Entrepreneurs.” In press at Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research.

Long Range Planning
Cannatelli, Benedetto, Brett Smith, Alessandro Giudici, Jessica Jones, Michael Conger. 2016 “An Expanded Model of Distributed Leadership During Organizational Knowledge Creation in Social Entrepreneurship.” Long Range Planning, 50(5), 582-602.

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Sarason, Yolanda, Michael Conger. 2017. “Ontologies and Epistemologies in ‘Knowing’ the Nexus in Entrepreneurship: Burning Rice Hay and Tracking Elephants” In press at International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.
Eyman, D. W., (2016, February 26). A creative solution for a wicked problem. Published online and biannual newsletter

Long Range Planning
Lin, N., N., Devinney, T. M., & Holcomb, T. R. (2016). Examining managerial preferences and choices: The role of value creation and value appropriation drivers in strategic outsourcing. Long Range Planning, 49(6), 706-722. Journal Impact Factor Score: 3.547/6.297 (ranked #28 out of 121 business journals in ISI Social Science Citation Index). ISI Citations: NA; Google Scholar Citations: 1.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange
Smith, B. (2016). Simulation builds empathy in future social entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. DOI: 10.17919/X98593.

Journal of Business Ethics
Smith, B., Kistruck, G. & Cannatelli, B. (2016). The impact of moral intensity and desire for control on scaling decisions in social entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Ethics, 133: 677-689.

Academy of Management Journal
Kistruck, G., Lount, R., Smith, B., Bergman, B. & Moss, T. (2016). Competition vs. cooperation: Alternate structures for motivating groups in a resource scarce environment. Academy of Management Journal, 59: 1174-1198. [Received Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper].


Buffalo, NY: ICSC Press
Eyman, D.W. (2015). Are the other benefits of group creativity just as important as good ideas? In Culpepper, M. & Burnett, C. (Eds.), Big questions in creativity 2015. (pp. 65-77). Buffalo, NY: ICSC Press.

Research in Strategic Alliances: Strategic Alliances for SME Development
DeGhetto, K., Sutton, A., Holcomb, T. R., & Holmes, R. M. (2015). It’s who you know and what you do: How SMEs from emerging economies capitalize on founder ties to create bargaining power with foreign multinational alliance partners. In T. K. Das (Ed.), Research in Strategic Alliances: Strategic Alliances for SME Development. (pp. 1-58). New York: Information Age Publishing.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange
Smith, B. (2015). Social entrepreneurship deserves better research. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. DOI: 10.17919/X9201G. [Received Schulze Award for Best Theory and Research Paper].

Academy of Management Journal
Kreiner, G., Sheep, M., Hollensbe, E., Smith, B. & Kataria, N. (2015). Elasticity and the dialectic tensions of organizational identity: How can we hold together while we’re pulling apart? Academy of Management Journal, 58: 981-1011.

Journal of Business Venturing
Kistruck, G.; Webb, J.; Sutter, C.; Bailey, A. (2015) The double-edged sword of legitimacy in Base-of-thePyramid markets. Journal of Business Venturing.


Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
Smith, B., Meyskens, M. & Wilson, F. (2014). Should we stay or should we go? Organizational relational identity and identification in social venture strategic alliances. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 5: 295-317.

Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies
Knapp, J., Smith, B. & Sprinkle, T. (2014). Clarifying the relational ties of organizational belonging: Understanding the roles of perceived insider status, psychological ownership, and organizational identification. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 21: 273-285.

Impresa Progetto (Italian Journal of Management)
Cannatelli, B., Minciullo, M. & Smith, B. (2014). La social entrepreneurship e il processo di creazione della conoscenza: Il ruolo del “ba”. Impresa Progetto (Italian Journal of Management).

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
Sutter, C; Kistruck, G., & Morris, S. (2014) Adaptations to knowledge templates in base-of-the-pyramid markets: the role of social interaction. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. 8(4) 303-320.


Academy of Management Journal
Kistruck, G., Sutter, C., Lount, R. & Smith, B. “Mitigating principal-agent problems in Base-of-the-Pyramid markets: An identity spillover perspective.” 

Family Business Review
Knapp, J., Smith, B., Kreiner, G., Sundaramurthy, C. & Barton, S. “Managing boundaries through identity work: The role individual and organizational identity tactics.” 

Journal of Business Venturing
Sutter, C., Webb, J., Kistruck, G. & Bailey, A. “Entrepreneurs’ responses to semi-formal illegitimate institutional arrangements.

Journal of Management
Holmes, R. M., Bromiley, P., Devers, C. E., Holcomb, T. R., & McGuire, J. B. “Management theory applications of prospect theory: Accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities.”

Journal of Management Studies
Kistruck, G.; Beamish, P; Qureshi, I.; & Sutter, C. “Social Intermediation in Base of the Pyramid Markets.”


Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Smith, B., Cronley, M. & Barr, T. “Funding implications of social enterprise: The role of mission consistency, entrepreneurial competence, and attitude toward social enterprise on donor behavior.”  


Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
Kistruck, G.; Webb, J; Sutter, C.; & Ireland, D. “Microfranchising in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets.”

Smith, B. “Social entrepreneurship: The micro-consignment model.”


Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
Smith, B. & Stevens, C. “Different types of social entrepreneurship: The role of geography and structural embeddedness on measurement and scaling of social value.

M.I.T. Innovations: Technology | Governance | Globalization
Smith, B. “Micro-consignment reconsidered: Invention-led development of risk shifting, knowledge transfer and scaling capabilities.”

Organizational Research Methods
Holcomb, T. R., Combs, J. G., Sirmon, D. G., & Sexton, J. “Modeling levels and time in entrepreneurship research: An illustration with growth strategies and post-IPO performance.”


Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
Holcomb, T. R., Ireland, R. D., Holmes, R. M., & Hitt, M. A. “Architecture of entrepreneurial learning: Exploring the link among heuristics, knowledge, and action.

Journal of Management
Certo, S. T., Holcomb, T. R., & Holmes, R. M. “IPO research in management and entrepreneurship: Moving the research agenda forward.”

Journal of Small Business Management
Smith, B., Matthews, C. & Schenkel, M. “Differences in entrepreneurial opportunities: The role of tacitness and codification in opportunity identification.”

Strategic Management Journal
Holcomb, T. R., Holmes, R. M., & Connelly, B. “Making the most of what you've got: Managerial ability as a source of resource value creation.”