Entrepreneurial Consulting

 Dr. Megan Gerhardt talking with student at desk
Student at filled whiteboard during Startup Weekend
 First Year Integrated Core final presentation to Fifth Third executives
 David Marshall talking with student at whiteboard
 Farmer School exterior pre-dawn

In ESP 461: Entrepreneurial Consulting, students work with corporate clients to generate fresh, innovative solutions to the challenges of their business and industry.

Students gain vital consulting experience, along with the opportunity to meet and present to senior-level executives.

Past clients include: Sears Optical, (a division of Luxxotica), dunnhumby, Cohen, Pearson, ConAgra Foods and Fifth Third.

There is also a J-term option that contains a study-away component: 

Creative Consulting in San Francisco

What happens when you take a select group of rockstar creativity students to one of the most innovative cities in the world to do real work for a real client? Big problems are tackled by big ideas.

For the full 3 weeks of j-term, Entrepreneurship students team up to tackle a client project using creative problem solving, design thinking and other applied creativity tools to create innovative solutions. The trip includes a week in the Bay Area where students live and work in the heart of San Francisco.

During the week, students meet with some of the world’s leading creatives and most innovative companies to immerse them in new ways of thinking. At the end of J-Term, student teams present their solutions to the client, who often immediately implement team solutions.

Past clients include ConAgra, Formica, Oros Apparel, Scripps Broadcasting, Caribou Coffee and CVG Airport. 

If you are interested in joining this ESP 461 adventure, contact Jim Friedman, (513) 529.1440 friedman@miamiOH.edu