Altman Summer Scholars Internship Program

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The Altman Summer Scholars Internship Program at Miami University prepares the next generation of entrepreneurs,
innovators, and startup employees. By partnering with some of the most innovative companies in the
nation's fastest growing entrepreneurial ecosystems, we support entrepreneurs by providing top talent
and develop students by providing hands-on internship and co-op experiences where they are regarded
as professionals, expected to add value and make an impact on day one.

The Program is a full-time summer work experience, connecting Miami
University's most qualified and pre-vetted students in meaningful, high impact roles at early-stage
growth companies. With our world-class faculty providing program structure, coaching, and support
before students even begin their internships, it's a win-win situation for both students and host

ESP 394

During the spring semester, students gather for an immersive course to prepare them to succeed in an entrepreneurial work environment. Through a series of simulations and exercises, students begin to develop the mindset and work ethic proven to make for successful startup employees.

Class Meetings (During Summer)

Throughout the summer, program faculty and staff will meet with the student cohort in each city. Each class session will take place at a different local startup company or entrepreneurial organization. The first half of the class is spent hearing from a founder or employee of the host company with the purpose of helping students understand the company’s business model. Students will have the chance to interact with the speaker through lively and informal discussion and Q&A.

The second half of each class session is focused on soft skills training and personal and professional development and coaching. Program faculty and staff work with students both as group and individually to discuss projects they are working on, any challenges they have encountered and strategies for overcoming them, as well as networking strategies.

Project Status Updates and Assignments (Online/Virtual)

Students will complete a series of assignments designed to augment and enhance their at-work experiences, helping them stand out and set themselves apart early on in their companies. Examples include:

  • Company Research Report

  • Weekly Logs

  • Final Presentation