Student Managed Investment Fund

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 finance class
 stock ticker tape showing microsoft stock down 2.70 to 106.87
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The Miami University Student Managed Investment Fund offers students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, experiential learning environment. In this course, students are responsible for managing a significant amount of actual funds from the Miami University Endowment. The students act as equity analysts and are placed on one of the sector teams, through which they are responsible for allocating the fund's assets into various equity holdings. There is also a Managing Team for the class that students can participate in for leadership opportunities. Students make all decisions involving trading and risk and can take on a role in managing the business side of the Fund as well (financial modeling, sales/marketing, website development, etc.).

This course allows students to work alongside other talented and highly motivated individuals as a team to create an investment portfolio composed of U.S. equities. Students also gain a competitive advantage for internship and full-time employment opportunities by leveraging the real-world experience gained through this course. The fund has a strong network of prior members, some of whom accepted positions with Goldman Sachs and William Blair.

Students who are interested in a career involving financial markets as Portfolio Managers (mutual funds or hedge funds), Equity Analysts (buy-side or sell-side), Investment Advisors, Investment Bankers, or any other related careers are encouraged to apply and be a part of the Student Managed Investment Fund.

To apply, please complete FIN 481 - Student Managed Investment Fund Application before the application deadline. This way if you are approved, we can get it on your schedule during or before registration. Please reach out to Andrea Tucker ( with any questions or if there are issues with the application link.