Student Managed Investment Fund

smif class gathering of students
 finance class
 stock ticker tape showing microsoft stock down 2.70 to 106.87
four students giving presentation

The Student Managed Investment Fund was established in August, 2018 as a three-credit hour course. It is managed directly by students - primarily upperclass students majoring in finance and accountancy. Strategies the managers employ include investment in sector ETFs to gain initial exposure to risk conditions of every major industry in the market and later liquidation of those ETF positions for direct reinvestment in targeted equities. Covered calls are also implemented as a form of insurance against volatility in the market to limit loss potential and to enhance income.

The student run investment fund has five major objectives.

  1. Raise capital through our chosen investments that will be used to fund scholarships for potential students.
  2. Provide students with a greater understanding of the overall investment process.
  3. Provide experience in running an investment business.
  4. Gain exposure to the investment process
  5. Present exposure to CFA examination material
“You’ll be put in real-life situations here as an analyst, and all the material that we produce, you could take to an interview and say ‘I am an analyst—this is work that I’ve done, this is work I hope to do at this job.’ You know what you’re getting out of me because I’ve already done it, and I’ve done it at a really high level with accountability.’” Dr. David Salem