At a Glance


The main purpose of the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is to provide a practical learning experience for students in the Farmer School of Business. It is the responsibility of the Student Managed Investment​ Fund Class (FIN 481) to research and analyze securities that ultimately create a diverse portfolio that mitigates risk to the best of its ability while creating acceptable returns.​ The Fund will act as a sub-advisor of the Endowment’s Pooled Investment Fund and the Fund’s Management team will report to the University’s Treasury Services office at the end of each semester.


Class Structure

  • FIN481 SMIF is a membership-only class normally composed of 25-35 students. The class will have several analyst teams as well as a managing team that is responsible for various roles and responsibilities. Students will work with their faculty advisor(s), as well as the Investment Advisory Board, which consists of investment professionals from the local business community.
  • The analyst teams will be responsible for performing quantitative and qualitative research on potential investments for the fund. Each member of the analyst team will be assigned to an industry(s) sector team. Sector teams will follow and research specific firms that are either currently held within the portfolio or firms the teams feel would be appropriate potential additions.  Stock recommendations will be presented to the entire class for a majority vote (60+%). The in-class presentations determine which recommendations proceed to the SMIF Investment presentation session for final approval.
  • The management team will be responsible for monitoring appropriate risk measures for the fund, ensuring that the portfolio composition is consistent with specified asset allocations, permitted investments as indicated in the fund’s IPS , and informing and advising the analyst teams when corrective actions are needed. Ideally, the Management Team will consist of one member from each sector team. The Management Team will report to the University’s Treasury Services Office and the Investment Advisory Board at the end of each academic semester. All trading orders will be submitted in an email request by the Management Team, through faculty advisor, to the University’s Treasury Services Office for approval and execution. The Management Team will be responsible for maintaining all the records of the fund. In addition, they will be responsible for enhancing the publicity of the fund through contacts with the media and the fund’s website.


Application Guidelines

  • FIN401 is a prerequisite
  • Applications are open to Juniors and Seniors
  • To apply, please complete FIN 481 - Student Managed Investment Fund Application before the application deadline. This way if you are approved we can get it on your schedule during or before registration. Please reach out to Andrea Tucker with any questions or if there are issues with the application link.


“We had a speaker come in and tell us what the endowment does. He told us the money was for future scholarships. As someone who’s here on a full scholarship, that means a lot to me. It makes you rethink every decision that you want to make and makes you take everything seriously.” Manny ‘19