Leading on Purpose

The Isaac & Oxley Center for Business Leadership is the key resource for leadership development in the Farmer School of Business.

Our CBL student fellows are trained to become certified peer leadership coaches. In partnership with the CBL faculty director, fellows provide leadership development workshops and coaching for FSB students & organizations across campus.


 Built on the foundation of Integrity, Responsibility, and Respect, the Farmer School strives to instill the importance of values-based leadership and decision making. The Leading on Purpose experience challenges our students to clarify their own core values, explore their unique leadership strengths, and analyze the role these play in their authentic leadership.  These discussions culminate in the creation of a personal "Why" statement, articulating the kind of contribution each student aspires to make and the the kind of impact they want to have in their careers, communities, and the world.  The Issac & Oxley Center for Business Leadership in the FSB currently invests in the intensive development of 50 Student Fellows. These students come from all majors in the FSB and spend 3 years learning about self and team leadership through custom workshops and coaching. They are then challenged to apply these skills to their organizations across campus and beyond.  Starting in Fall 2022, the CBL Student Fellows will begin serving as certified peer coaches to help achieve the goal of bringing a high-impact leadership development experience to every interested FSB student. All Fellows who have successfully completed first year CBL requirements will be trained as coaches.  Our CBL Certified Leadership Coaches will specialize as experts in key topics ranging from developing strengths to team member accountability,, working with their peers to deliver leadership workshops across a range of contexts--in classes, leadership labs, and business organizations.