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With KICKGLASS SKILLS CREDENTIALS, the Center for KICKGLASS CHANGE will provide a variety of in-person and technologically-enabled remote micro-credentials that will be available to all Miami students, faculty and staff. KICKGLASS CREDENTIALS may also be embedded into curricular courses at Miami University. They will also be extended outside the university for executive education and alumni learning.

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KICKGLASS SKILLS CREDENTIALS will focus on developing open-minded leaders, of all identity intersectionalities, who enter the workforce with the tools to mitigate individual and structural bias and the empathy to include and unite. These workshops will develop Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion skills organized around the four CQ Dimensions to a variety of stakeholders. The Center will offer Virtual Reality training that places the learner in a real-life situation to identify bias and develop empathy and allyship through perspective-taking. KICKGLASS Credentials will also focus on the intersection of Diversity and Inclusion with vital work skills including collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership and can be scaffolded for certificates.

KICKGLASS SKILLS CREDENTIALS will leverage the Farmer School of Business’s decades of experience with delivering high quality experiential learning opportunities to students and external participants.

KICKGLASS offers original programming that builds off of the CQ FOUNDATIONS micro-credential to address societal and systemic bias and offers perspective-taking and empathy development as a solution. KICKGLASS VR leverages licensed relationships with leading organizations in the VR training space for DEI to offer participants innovative, immersive, and psychologically safe experiences to walk-a-mile in someone else’s shoes.

KICKGLASS will partner with Common Purpose to deliver the CQ Accelerator, Open Source Leadership, and Global Leadership Experience on campus, as remote, study-away and as study-abroad offerings to immerse students in difference and use CQ to solve real-world problems. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a pathway credential in Inter-group dialogues (IGDs) facilitate by the Center for American and World Cultures. IGDs on gender and race bring together participants from different social identity groups in a sustained and facilitated learning environment. Facilitated relationships influence participants' understanding of their own and others' experiences in society and cultivate individual allyship and collective agency to effect social change that build from learning how to dialogue within a homogenous identify cohort in Intra-group dialogues, to dialoguing across difference in Inter-Group Dialogues. Participants may choose to continue to a micro-credential where they will receive training on facilitating Inter-group dialogues.  

KICKGLASS will also partner with Braver Angels in its mission to bridge the political divide that threatens democracy and unity in America, and across the globe. A series of workshops will provide participants with the skills to listen and engage with respect and civility across the blue/red political divides.

Credentials will be offered in a variety of formats including workshop series, online learning, and study-abroad and study-away.

Availability of KICKGLASS Skills Credentials

Available from Spring 2021

CQ DRIVE | CQ Foundations

In this micro-credential, participants will learn about Cultural Intelligence, a key work skill for the 20th century. Cultural Intelligence is defined as an individual’s capability to adapt and function effectively in different cultural environments and situations characterized by cultural diversity. Developing CQ begins with self-awareness. Participants will take a self-assessment to measure their current level of Cultural Intelligence, cover material that introduces them to key aspects of Cultural Intelligence, and provide evidence of learning. They will follow a detailed guided debrief of their CQ assessment feedback report and conduct a self-reflection on their CQ assessment feedback to provide a foundation for growth. Each participant will conclude the course by developing a personalized plan to develop their CQ before entering the workforce. This online micro-credential is required of all First-Year students in the Farmer School of Business and is available to all interested participants through the Center for KICKGLASS CHANGE.

Available from Fall 2021

CQ DRIVE | Intra-group Dialogues

In the Intra-group Dialogues, participants will learn how to dialogue about gender and race, learn how to listen,  and develop empathy for members of perceived “out-groups.” Intra-group dialogue brings together students from one social identity group in a sustained and facilitated learning environment to explore the intersectionality of identity. Intra-group dialogue is an ideal starting place for students who have not previously explored their own power and privilege because it creates an environment with less risk. To complete the Intra-group Dialogues micro-credential, participants will meet for seven weekly two-hour sessions, either in-person or using remote technology.  KICKGLASS IGDs are facilitated by the Center for American and World Cultures.

CQ KNOWLEDGE | CQ Accelerator

The CQ Accelerator is an experiential online leadership program designed to grow Cultural Intelligence (CQ), offered in partnership with Common Purpose, a global non-profit dedicated to developing leaders who can cross boundaries, both at work and in society. This micro-credential build on the development work of the CQ FOUNDATIONS micro-credential to provides participants with a common language and framework they can use to hold difficult conversations, learn from one another, and develop inclusion skills, which are proven to lead to greater innovation and effective collaboration. The program combines Common Purpose’s 30 years of thought leadership with interactive exercises, gamification, exclusive personal video stories from leaders around the world, and shared experiences and discussions between the participants.

CQ KNOWLEDGE | Breaking Bias with VR

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) provides a framework to quickly make sense of multicultural situations and avoid faulty judgments. Building your CQ enables you to move from reacting unconsciously to taking more conscious and intentional action. In this micro-credential, participants will learn to move from System 1 Intuitive Thinking to System 2 Rational Thinking so that they recognize and mitigate their own bias. They will build their CQ Knowledge using innovative Virtual Reality simulations for perspective-taking and empathy development across differences with customized workshops to reinforce discovery and learning. KICKGLASS VR learning experiences allow participants to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” They can learn what it is like to experience discrimination or inappropriate behavior, and identify bias when they see it. They can also practice making decisions in real-time, and rehearse challenging conversations (like management performance reviews, breaking bad news, difficult conversations) by experiencing the situation from the perspective of multiple people. This Bias training doesn’t just tick a box. Our immersive learning experiences are 100% focused on creating effective behavior change. With this focus, we can build a happier, more inclusive workplace and society together.

CQ KNOWLEDGE | Bridging Blue-Red Political Divides

There is evidence to suggest that we are now as politically polarized as we have been since the Civil War. We are in what some are calling a “cold civil war” right at the moment when a spreading pandemic, vast economic trouble, and other national and global challenges call upon us to support each other like never before. To meet the current moment, at this time of national crisis, we need more than civility. We need to challenge ourselves to work together when we disagree. We need bravery. Through the “Bridging Political Divides’ micro-credential, KICKGLASS will partner with non-profit Braver Angels in its mission to move Americans from hatred or disdain to respect & appreciation. This micro-credential requires participation in a variety of distinct workshops:

  • Skills for Bridging the Divide workshop helps you through difficult political conversations with people in your life. Learn how to talk across the divide in a constructive, empathetic way.
  • Depolarizing Within workshop teaches participants to look within and develop strategies for engaging politics without demonizing, and how to constructively intervene in social conversations with like-minded peers.
  • Red-Blue workshop brings together a small, evenly divided group of conservatives and liberals, or “reds” and “blues,” for a series of exercises designed to help participants clarify disagreements, reduce stereotyped thinking, and discover common values.
  • Common Ground workshop allows participants from Red-Blue workshops to dig deeper into specific issues, recognizing that there is often more that unites us than divides us.
  • KICKGLASS Braver Angels Moderator training provides experienced and emotionally ready students with training required to lead the red/blue and skills workshops at Miami University.

CQ STRATEGY | Inclusive Collaboration for Teams

Embracing and including diversity of all kinds has become an initiative in many organizations, and for good reason. Research supports its role in increased profitability and sales revenue, customer acquisition and retention rates, innovation, problem-solving effectiveness, and more. Given this, whether virtually or in-person, collaboration among diverse teams continues to become an integral part of all organizations. It makes sense: when two or more different elements come together, they create something new. One part hydrogen with two parts oxygen creates water. However,  collaboration without cultural intelligence often leads to misunderstanding or miscommunication that causes frustration within diverse teams. The INCLUSIVE COLLABORATION FOR TEAMS micro-credential is designed for existing teams who wish to harness the power and avoid the pitfalls of the cultural and cognitive diversity that exists within their team. It builds on the CQ FOUNDATIONS and the Cognitive Diversity and Whole-Brain Thinking CQ DRIVE micro-credentials. Teams will take the time to understand the diversity of cultural values, thinking preferences, and styles of communication and engagement that exist within their team, transforming these differences from a liability to a strength. Participants use the Personal Cultural Values assessment from their CQ self-assessment and the new Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI®) Sharing and Teams digital tools to harness the power of diverse thinking, strengthen communication, enhance collaboration, and skyrocket team productivity. By expanding upon their own thinking preferences, sharing with teammates, and learning how to flex to others, participants will come away with the language and tools to immediately become a higher-performing and more engaged team.

Available from Spring 2022

CQ STRATEGY | Inter-group Dialogues

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) engages students intellectually and fosters an understanding of group-based inequalities and other dynamics that affect intergroup relationships. IGD involves guided interaction among students of different backgrounds to ensure that students engage constructively to understand their similar and different experiences and develop individual and collective efficacy to influence the world around them.It is recommended that participants have previously completed the INTRA-GROUPS DIALOGUES micro-credential to prepare for the increased rigor of INTER-GROUPS DIALOGUES.To complete the Inter-group Dialogues micro-credential, participants will meet for seven weekly two-hour sessions, either in -person or using remote technology. KICKGLASS IGDs are facilitated by the Center for American and World Cultures.

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